Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Devil in the Delta Case

With the release of the new book comes the evidence from the case!  Devil in the Delta is the story of one ghost hunter on one uniquely strange paranormal case.  It IS NOT the typical scary ghost story!

Unlike books on the paranormal that exaggerate events in order to make them seem more frightening, I have taken great pains to depict the real circumstances surrounding my investigation of this case.  And rather than being a thinly disguised horror novel, Devil in the Delta is more a cautionary tale for would-be ghost hunters.

The names of individuals involved with this investigation (other than me) are changed in the book--but you will be able to hear some of them here within these audio files.  During my trips into Mississippi, I gathered over fifty EVP's that include at least three ghostly voices.  I also captured one odd photo that was (most likely) debunked--but I have included it here for posterity (and for those who have read the book and just want to see what I'm talking about).

For those who have read the book and want to hear some of the evidence, THANK YOU for buying Devil in the Delta!  I hope you will read my other two books about hauntings, too (The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide and Ghost Hunting for Beginners).  If you are reading this article and are interested in knowing more about the case and the investigation, I encourage you to pick up the book.
Debunked Photo of Face by the Tree

So, without further ado, here is the photo and a sampling of the EVP's I captured during my investigations at the Martin home.  For maximum enjoyment, listen to the clips with headphones in a quiet room:

EVP 1:  In this clip you will hear a female investigator speak, followed by a young girl.  There was no young girl present during the investigation.

EVP 2:  You will hear investigators speaking, then right after a male investigator you will hear the young girl's voice again.

EVP 3:  This is the infamous rumble in the trailer.  You will hear me say, "How long have you been here in this house?"  This is followed by a rumble that shakes the trailer.  You will then hear me say, "What was that?"

EVP 4:  This is a strange EVP of a voice whispering and scratching, then there's a cough from the next room (an investigator), followed by a series of fast raps.

EVP 5:  The next two clips were recorded while the house was empty.  In this one there is a male moan and knock.

EVP 6:  The house is still empty, but the recorder records some odd movement in one room, followed by a heavy bang.

EVP 7:  The next two EVP's were captured while investigating.  You can hear investigators speak from an adjacent room, but in the room with the recorder (which is empty) there is an odd voice whispering.

EVP 8:  This was recorded a few seconds after EVP 7.  It is the whispering voice again.

EVP 9:  This EVP was recorded in the empty trailer.  You will hear yet another voice whispering.  It sounds very close to the recorder.

EVP 10:  In this clip you will hear a female investigator say she "needs batteries."  Right after this, there is the clear sounds of a young girl humming.  Once again, there were no young girls in the house.

EVP 11:  This EVP is right after two female investigators say, "Lets go."  You will hear a male voice whisper, "Look out!"  Then I say something.  The "look out" is the EVP.

EVP 12:  Here you will hear a clear voice whisper "I know it."

EVP 13:  In this clip you will hear one of the clients talking about the case with investigators.  In the middle of the conversation, you will hear a ghostly voice say the word "kinfolk."

EVP 14:  This clip was captured a few minutes after EVP 13.  You will hear the client mention her grandfather; when she does, the clear sounds of a male crying out can be heard.  That is the EVP.

EVP 15:  During my last visit, the trailer was missing windows.  So in this clip you will hear a loud cadence of crickets and an odd voice speaking from within the empty trailer.

EVP 16:  The crickets are heard here again--but this time there is the sounds of a male moaning.  The house is empty during this recording, too.

EVP 17:  You will hear a female investigator ask, "Can you see the lights from where you're at?"  She is answered by a ghostly 'uh huh' that is said twice.