Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Online Series -- Upcoming Podcast

With the new year comes new projects for Paranormal Inc!  In addition to us having new locations for our open investigations this year (in Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri), we have four HUGE new announcements:

Ghosts of War is live!  Our documentary, now turned into an online series, kicked off February 28 on our official Vimeo channel.  The episode features the haunted Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois.  You can learn more about the Eldred House on their website.  In the coming months, seven more episodes of Ghosts of War will be hitting the channel (one per month)--including episodes that feature Magnolia Manor, the Deason House, Octagon Hall, the Minton House, Harney Mansion, and several Civil War battlefields that are known for their hauntings.  Follow our channel on Vimeo and be sure to add us on Facebook to get advance notice of Paranormal Inc events.

Our second piece of news involves our upcoming Paranormal Inc Podcast (PIP).  Hosted by Podbean, our new podcast show will focus on investigation techniques, controversial cases, and even the portrayal of the paranormal by mainstream media.  The first episode of the show will be released at the end of March, along with the second episode of Ghosts of War.  The podcast will be available on our website, on Podbean, and will be available for download on iTunes.

The next announcement involves Rich's new book Devil in the Delta.  The book will be released on May 8 and will be available nationwide in book sellers, as well as online.  You can even pre-order the book on Amazon at this link.  The book features the investigation of one of the strangest cases Rich has ever been involved with--and is sure to entertain!

Lastly, we want to announce that Paranormal Inc will be shooting a second documentary over the year that focuses on the ever-controversial Ouija board.  In addition to exposing ridiculous superstitions involving the device and discussing the board's history, the Paranormal Inc team will be putting the 'magic powers' of the game to the test:  we will be taking five different Ouija boards to five different haunted locations with five different teams to see if the board actually instigates paranormal activity.  Should prove to be an exciting experiment--and hopefully an even better movie!

As always, stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for more P.I. news and info--and always feel free to send us suggestions, questions, etc. via our email address.  Cheers!