Thursday, September 27, 2012

Case Files: Dauphine Orleans Hotel

Situated on a site that dates back to 1775, the historic Dauphine Orleans Hotel is located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  It's known as a premier stop for visitors to the Crescent City--and as a pilgrimage to those who like to stay in well known haunted places!

The current structure that is the hotel dates back to the city's first Spanish and French settlers and houses 111 rooms total (including the Herman House located across the street from the main hotel), a lounge/restaurant called May Baily's Place, and a massive courtyard with a pool.  It's thought that the handmade nails that line some of the original walls in the building came from the local Jean Lafitte Blacksmith Shop when Lafitte was known more for being a pirate than a blacksmith.

In addition to this great, traditional history, the hotel also has quite a few ghost stories associated with it as well.  In the late 1890's, May Baily's was known as one of the best brothels in Storyville (the original name of New Orleans)--and it was visited by a fair share of locals and travellers to the area.  And with the 'ladies of the night' also came those who like to drink, gamble, and cause trouble.

Since those days--and certainly after the hotel opened its doors in 1969--patrons have seen the spirit of a soldier (thought by some to be a Creole who may have patronized the brothel) in the courtyard area of the hotel and the ghost of a young lady has been witnessed throughout the property (though most often in the courtyard and surrounding rooms).  It was the tales of these two ghosts that were told to us when we arrived at the hotel.  And once we were finished hearing first-hand the activity that takes place there, and was checked into our room, the fun began...

Armed with our usual bag of investigative tools--and stationed in a cottage room alongside the courtyard area--we roamed the area attempting to capture anything paranormal or untoward with our audio and video recorders.

While outside in the courtyard we noticed that there are a lot of strange shadows that seem to be a result of erratic lighting--and there are areas that aren't lit at all.  These dark spaces seemed to play tricks on our eyes a bit; shadows of bushes in the wind, etc. were often mistaken for 'shadow shapes' moving about.  But nothing was seen of the soldier or woman.  Of course we know that spirits don't always show up when you want them too, so this came as no surprise.

While we were outside, however, the audio recorder in our room was capturing quite a lot of interesting sounds.  Before leaving to the courtyard, I had placed an audio recorder with a cell-sensor EMF detector in the room.  This particular detector makes a beeping sound when it detects any EMF's in the area--and this would show up on our audio recorder.  Almost immediately after leaving the room, things started happening there.

First there were the sounds of tapping, knocks, and bangs.  Then the EMF detector started going off now and then (the spirit was seemingly getting the energy to do more over time).  And finally, the knocks and EMF beeps were accompanied by a female voice.  No wonder we didn't see the female spirit in the courtyard:  she was in our empty room apparently!
Exterior of our Room

The Dauphine Orleans makes for a perfect haunted getaway; the rooms are spacious and lush, the onsite bar is a great hangout (and close to the room), and the haunting there is just enough to excite without frightening anyone.  I highly recommend visiting for a fun weekend.  Find out more about the Dauphine Orleans (and book your stay) at their official website.

The EVP's/Audio:

As with all EVP's that you listen to on this site, remember to listen in a quiet room with a good set of earphones or you may not hear all the sounds.  EVP's are typically recorded at a very low volume and at a hard-to-hear frequency, so turn up the volume, too!  Here we go...

Clip 1:  This is an example of the bangs and knocks that were heard when the EMF detector first started going off in the room.

Clip 2:  The activity is starting to ramp up; in this clip you will hear the EMF detector go off and what sounds like a voice maybe starting to speak or yell, etc.

Clip 3:  Activity is in full swing now.  You will hear a female voice say something, then a bang, then the female voice again.