Friday, May 11, 2012

Case Files: Allen House

Dating back to the early 1900's, the Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas is a local, treasured landmark--and to ghost and haunting enthusiasts all over the world, the Allen House is a place of legend.

Since the home was once posted as being the most haunted place in the country, it has been investigated many times by reputable paranormal groups and evidence that supports the haunting there has been gotten in spades.

Back on January 28th of this year (2012), Paranormal Inc honored the 68th anniversary of the funeral of Allen Bonner (one of the persons who are thought to haunt the home) with author and current owner of the home, Mark Spencer, by hosting a tour and ghost hunting class that was open to the public.  Over the course of that evening, attendees had several personal experiences and we were lucky enough to also collect a few EVP's during our visit as well.

Personal Experiences

1.  Several times over the course of the evening, attendees managed to get knocks/bangs in answer to questions posed while working in the attic of the home.  In particular, whenever the spirit of "Joe Lee" was addressed, the responses seemed to come readily and with some force.  Many of these were captured by an audio recorder, some are posted below.

2.  At one point in the attic, a shadowy black mass was seen moving through the area and was even dense enough to block out a patch of light coming in through an open door.

3.  Though this is standard for most investigations of truly haunted places, its worth noting:  throughout the investigation many people experienced brand new batteries being sucked dry.  It all climaxed with a laptop computer going dead during a Singapore Theory experiment in the downstairs parlor.

4.  During an EVP session in the attic, several attendees actually heard a disembodied voice speak in response to a question.  This was captured by an audio recorder and is posted below.

The Evidence

After the open investigation and ghost hunting class was concluded at the Allen House, the Paranormal Inc team returned to Memphis to review the numerous hours of audio and video footage that was collected--as well as to analyze approximately 300 photographs that were taken over the course of the evening.  And while nothing untoward was found in the photos or video, we did manage to find a few interesting EVP's and audio clips.

Remember, like all EVP's gathered at investigations, these need to be listened to in a quiet environment with good headphones.  Ghostly voices are usually faint and difficult to hear because of their low volume and frequency:

1.  EVP 1:  This is an EVP captured in the dining room of the Allen House.  We were setting up and the guests were just beginning to arrive.  If you listen closely behind us talking, you can hear a female voice say "Huh?" as we were talking about our strategy for the evening.

2.  EVP 2:  This EVP was captured in the attic of the house.  The area was empty at the time as it was prior to the event, but you can clearly hear a female voice saying a few words.

3.  EVP 3:  Not long after capturing EVP 2 in the attic, the female voice is recorded again.  Only this time she sounds like she is humming a tune.

4.  EVP 4:  During an EVP session in the attic, an attendee asked, "Y'all do some dancing up here?"  There is an audible, male response that the attendee hears.  This is a disembodied voice, not an EVP.

5.  EVP 5:  An attendee in the attic remarks, "I like your mustache."  She is answered with a loud tap that everyone hears.

6.  EVP 6:  During an EVP session an attendee says, "Knock again.  I heard you."  There are a couple sets of knocks in response that everyone hears.

7.  EVP 7:  A member of Paranormal Inc asks Joe Lee to knock and he does!  Everyone in the room heard this in real time.


The Allen House is a wonderful home with a unique and wonderful haunting.  I highly recommend visiting and taking a tour when they are offered.  For more information visit the official website of the house and read Mark's detailed book A Haunted Love Story to get a lot more background information about the history of the place, as well as hear about the ghosts who are thought to reside there.

We hope to return to the Allen House in the near future for some additional ghost hunting events, so stay tuned!