Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Take a Ghost Tour With Paranormal Inc

We will be making four appearances at ghost tours this Halloween season.  At both events, we will be presenting evidence we gathered while performing paranormal investigations at these places.  The first two tours will be at the haunted Magnolia Manor B&B in Bolivar, Tennessee.

Over the years, the residents (as well as guests) of Magnolia Manor have been reporting regular paranormal activity--events that include the appearance of apparitions, voices and even objects moving by themselves.  We have investigated this location four times and have captured some of our most dramatic EVP's and evidence at this site.  We will present this evidence, as well as relate some of our more dramatic personal experiences, at Magnolia Manor on Friday, Oct 15th and Friday, Oct 22.  Tickets for these events can be purchased here.

Our final two appearances for this season will be at the Woodruff Fontaine House museum.  Ask anybody in Memphis about ghosts and you are likely to hear about Mary, the spirit of the Orpheum Theatre, and Mollie, the ghostly resident of the Woodruff Fontaine House.  Mollie has been seen and heard in and around her old bedroom for decades--and she's not alone!  At least one other male entity is there with her!  During our three investigations at the museum, we managed to captured EVP's of both entities, as well as get one interesting video that supports the idea of a residual haunting happening there as well...

Tickets for the Woodruff Fontaine House ghost tours will be sold at the site prior to the event.  We will be hosting tours there on Friday, Oct 29 and Saturday, Oct 30.  Tours start at 7pm.  In addition to seeing/hearing our evidence and touring the house, you can also stick around for inexpensive appetizers and a chance to mix it up in one of Memphis' most historical homes.  More information about the home, its history and the tours can be found at their website.

We hope to see you all at these events!  If you come out, be sure to introduce yourself to us.  Happy Halloween!