Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News and Happenings

Cover from new book by Rich Newman
Recently, I appeared on two e-radio shows:  Z Talk Radio (this was recorded live from Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and Elliott Adams' show 'The Other Side of Life.'  You can listen to this broadcast here.  Elliott and I discuss the paranormal, ghost hunting and upcoming projects from Paranormal Inc.

My newest book, The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, will be hitting shelves this winter.  If you are into the paranormal (and we know you are) you will have to have this book!  It has state-by-state listings of hauntings throughout the United States (over 1100 of them) and you can visit every one of them!  There are no cemeteries, private properties or abandoned locations that are dangerous.  Every haunted location can be visited by every reader.  We will have more information about the exact release date, as well as events/book signings in the near future.

Results from our investigation/event at Brumder Mansion are forthcoming.  Expect to read case files from Brumder, as well as the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, and to (finally) check out the evidence captured during our trip to New Orleans in the VERY near future.

Lastly, we are planning our fall events, so if you have a suggestion for an 'open to the public' investigation or event, send it our way.  We will be presenting evidence and hosting tours of the Woodruff Fontaine House on Halloween weekend and doing the same at Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN earlier in October, so it looks to be a great end of the year!  We hope to see everyone at the fun.