Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Orpheum Theatre: Sylvia Browne Interview & Show

Like most legendary haunted locations, the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN has its fair share of legends and stories.  Most people in the Memphis area have heard of the ghost of Mary--and most likely have heard one of three stories concerning Mary's origins.  Now there is a fourth version to the story--one that adds more depth, details and a second ghost!  This information comes from psychic Sylvia Browne who will be appearing at the Orpheum this Friday, April 23.

During a conference call that included members of the local press and management of the theatre, Sylvia managed to do a reading of the spirits at the Orpheum.  And what a reading it was!  I managed to get an interview with Sylvia concerning her reading--as well as to get valuable information from her regarding hauntings, ghost hunting and the use of psychics by paranormal investigators.

As I mentioned above, there are three original stories concerning Mary.  They are:
1.  She died in an accident involving a fall and wandered into the theatre.
2.  She was struck by a trolley in front of the theatre, was brought inside and then died.
3.  She perished in a fire that occurred in the original opera house.

These stories evolved from a couple different sources, including a parapsychology class from the University of Memphis who visited the theatre in 1979.  Over the years, these stories (at least the part about the spirit of a girl being in the place) have been supported by eyewitness accounts of seeing Mary hanging out in and around her 'favorite seat' in the theatre C-5, Box 5.  Even famous actors like Yul Brynner have reported seeing the ghost of Mary.

With Sylvia Browne already scheduled to appear at the Orpheum this Friday, it seemed only natural to get her take on the haunted happenings at the theatre.  During my phone call with her, she revealed several new revelations concerning Mary:  She died at the age of 27, she passed away during the Civil War and she is not alone!  During her reading, Ms. Browne revealed that Mary Margaret Forrester died because of an immunity issue and a broken heart while attending wounded Civil War troops on the grounds of the theatre (she was a nurse).  Her beau was killed while serving in the Confederate army (a soldier by the name of David Jensen) which led to Mary's demise sometime in 1863 or 1864.

When I asked Sylvia about people seeing a 'little girl' in the theatre, she stated that Mary is quite short and that people are simply mistaking her for a younger girl.  Simple enough explanation.  Sylvia also feels that there is a male entity in the premises as well; his name is Clifford Ferris (or possibly Farris) and he hung himself from a tree sometime around 1886 while suffering from encephalitis.  Clifford and Mary do not communicate or notice each other, but exist in their own worlds within the property.

It will be interesting to utilize this new information during an investigation of the Orpheum Theatre--something that's in the works for us as I write this.  For those who are interested in hearing Sylvia's take on ghost hunting, psychics and paranormal television programs, take a listen at the podcast below.  It is the entire phone conversation between myself and Sylvia Browne.  In addition to taking the time to speak to me about the Orpheum and the paranormal, Sylvia has also offered something for you, the visitors to this website:  Free tickets to her show this Friday!  At least three pairs of them at any rate...

The first three people to email me about this post and to mention a specific detail from the phone call/podcast below that's not mentioned within this article will get a pair of free tickets to see Sylvia this Friday night (April 23) at the Orpheum Theatre.  She has even said she may attempt to speak to Mary during the show!  This is your chance to see one of the country's premier psychics in action--as well as to ask your own questions concerning your haunting, ghost hunting, etc.

If you're not one of the lucky three to get the free tickets, you can enjoy a discount off your ticket price that's being offered to the visitors of this website.  Just visit Ticket Master to purchase your tickets for the show and enter the Discount Code 'Sylvia123' to get an instant 10% discount off the price!  Her show is priced extremely reasonably already (tickets are as low as $25), so with this discount you will not want to miss it.  Enjoy the podcast and I hope to see you at the show!