Thursday, December 30, 2010

Case Files: Falcon Rest Mansion and Gardens

Construction on this Victorian mansion began in 1896 by one Clay Faulkner, a local businessman who made his fortune selling 'Gorilla Pants' to the public.  He moved into the house along with his wife, Mary, and their five children (Margie, Virginia, Thula, Daisy and Herschel) and he managed to live there until his death in 1916.  Mary would then sell the property and move away to Nashville.  During their residence in the home, though, the Faulkner family was so prominent in the area that the town of McMinnville was originally known as 'Faulkner Springs'!

Today, the Falcon Rest Mansion is a historic tourist attraction that has been wonderfully restored by owners (and onsite caretakers) George and Charlien McGlothin.  The mansion (where the ghosts are said to reside) is open to the public daily for guided tours, or you can join in one of their well known dinner theatre/shows.  It's well worth your time if for no other reason than to see the grand architecture, the period furnishings and to stroll the unique gardens on the property.  You can also stay in one of several bed and breakfast rooms located on the grounds.

As for the haunting, it's well known throughout Tennessee.  It's said that Mr. Faulkner is still hanging out in his old mansion.  He's usually seen or heard around his bedroom on the first floor, though other activity has been witnessed on the staircase (including the sounds of a person whistling a Christmas hymn) and on the second floor.  At least one other spirit has been seen in the mansion as well; during a tour of the property, one participant once stated seeing a female spirit wearing a long dress and a bonnet!

During our short investigation of the mansion (getting to the location took longer than expected) we had several interesting personal experiences.  At one point during an EVP session, an investigator was suddenly enveloped by a massive cold spot.  Since this was a hot night in August (with air conditioning turned off), it was quite startling and was witnessed/felt by several people.  This happened on the first floor of house in Mr. Faulkner's old bedroom.  The bulk of the personal experiences, however, would occur on the second floor...

While working in the second floor library and bedrooms, we heard (on several occasions) the sounds of female and male voices.  The male voice only happened once and sounded like a quick gasp or moan.  The female voice was ongoing, however, and we managed to capture several instances of this on audio.  There was also a young child's rocking chair that was placed in one bedroom that seemed to constantly get strange hits on a K2 EMF detector.  We would take a reading and there would be nothing.  Then, moments later, the K2 would light up like the 4th of July (see photo)!  At the height of the activity, we could actually say, 'Move away from the lights,' and the K2 would die.  Then, when we asked whoever was there to move back towards the device, it would light up again.

Once the review of the audio, video, photos, etc. from the investigation was finished, we were left with several great pieces of evidence.  Here are five EVP's we captured over the course of our visit, as well as an interesting video clip...  Put on the headphones, turn off the TV, and give 'em a listen:

EVP1:  This was captured in the upstairs library while we were downstairs setting up.  You'll hear a car go by outside and what sounds like a male gasp/moan.  This is identical to the one we heard live.

EVP2:  This was captured on the first floor by the stairs.  It corresponds with the video clip below.  You'll hear an investigator say, 'You can come.'  There is a pause, then a strange whispered 'no.'  It sounds male.

EVP3:  This is an example of the female voice we heard live.  You'll hear it twice in this clip; the first is right after an investigator says 'You playing a trick on me?' and the second after 'Ok, well...'

EVP4:  Two more instances of the female voice heard live with us there.

EVP 5:  This was captured in Mr. Faulkner's room.  You'll hear a male and female investigator talking, then a third voice (female) comes in with a 'uh huh' that's loud, followed by a 'yoo hoo' style sound.  This is not an investigator and was not heard live at the time.

Video Clip:  This was captured on the second floor.  The camera is pointed at the library and a bedroom entrance.  All the investigators are downstairs at the time.  You'll hear a male investigator say 'Are you coming with us?' followed by a female investigator, 'You can come.'  There is then what appears to be a figure quickly go by the left (library) doorway in the video.  It's quick and happens right at the end of the video.  It's interesting that an EVP was captured at the same time (EVP2 above).

If you manage to make a trip to Falcon Rest Mansion and Gardens, you will not be disappointed.  It's a great place to stay while exploring the area around Murfreesboro and Nashville.  Make your reservations and get more information about the B&B on their website.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Take a Ghost Tour With Paranormal Inc

We will be making four appearances at ghost tours this Halloween season.  At both events, we will be presenting evidence we gathered while performing paranormal investigations at these places.  The first two tours will be at the haunted Magnolia Manor B&B in Bolivar, Tennessee.

Over the years, the residents (as well as guests) of Magnolia Manor have been reporting regular paranormal activity--events that include the appearance of apparitions, voices and even objects moving by themselves.  We have investigated this location four times and have captured some of our most dramatic EVP's and evidence at this site.  We will present this evidence, as well as relate some of our more dramatic personal experiences, at Magnolia Manor on Friday, Oct 15th and Friday, Oct 22.  Tickets for these events can be purchased here.

Our final two appearances for this season will be at the Woodruff Fontaine House museum.  Ask anybody in Memphis about ghosts and you are likely to hear about Mary, the spirit of the Orpheum Theatre, and Mollie, the ghostly resident of the Woodruff Fontaine House.  Mollie has been seen and heard in and around her old bedroom for decades--and she's not alone!  At least one other male entity is there with her!  During our three investigations at the museum, we managed to captured EVP's of both entities, as well as get one interesting video that supports the idea of a residual haunting happening there as well...

Tickets for the Woodruff Fontaine House ghost tours will be sold at the site prior to the event.  We will be hosting tours there on Friday, Oct 29 and Saturday, Oct 30.  Tours start at 7pm.  In addition to seeing/hearing our evidence and touring the house, you can also stick around for inexpensive appetizers and a chance to mix it up in one of Memphis' most historical homes.  More information about the home, its history and the tours can be found at their website.

We hope to see you all at these events!  If you come out, be sure to introduce yourself to us.  Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Case Files: Brumder Mansion

Built in 1910 by German publisher George Brumder for his son (George Jr.), the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is known for more than just plush rooms, great breakfast and an awesome location close to downtown attractions.  The home has a rich history that spans 20th century Milwaukee--and more than a few residents/guests over the years have reported experiencing haunted activity in the mansion.

When George built his home, he decided to go with the Victorian/Arts and Crafts style that was so popular at the time (much like his nearby neighbor Frederick Pabst), though he would make strategic changes to suit the house to his needs.  One of these changes included adding the traditional ballroom to the property's basement rather than on one of the upper floors (as was the tradition of the time).  Because of this architectural choice, the mansion would go on to be used for a variety of social functions.

After Henrietta Brumder passed away in the 1920's, the house was sold to an infamous Milwaukee resident named Sam Picks.  Picks was known for his ties to organized crime and for distributing liquor during the Prohibition years.  Since the home had a ballroom located in the basement of his house (with its own entrance), Picks set up a speakeasy in the area.  And along with any speakeasy, you get the typical assortment of other shady business ventures (prostitution, gambling, etc.).  Like many of his criminal peers of the day, Picks would eventually disappear--presumably to his grave.

The mansion would go on to be a boarding house, church parsonage, cafe, and (eventually) a bed and breakfast.  Today, the property is owned by a nice couple named Tom and Julie who run the six suite B&B and entertainment venue.  Little did they know that when they purchased the property in 2008 that they would also be inheriting a place known for paranormal activity...
The Gold Suite

Over the years, eye witness accounts of ghostly activity in the home have included a female apparition who has been seen/heard in the Gold Suite (dubbed 'Aunt Pussy' and 'Susan' by the staff).  On occasion, this entity makes her way onto the ground floor as well (once even spotted wearing a long, black dress on the staircase) to play with items in the dining room.  Of course, Susan is not alone...

The spirit of George Brumder, Jr. is also thought to be in residence--in the room that is now named for him.  Reports in this area include cold spots, items moving on their own, and the feeling of a presence in the room.  Other hot spots in the mansion include the basement theatre and the third floor rooms (where people are often touched, hear strange sounds, etc.).
IR Photo of Basement
During my visit and investigation of the Brumder Mansion, I had my own set of experiences...  While setting up to perform an EVP session in the basement, a quick whispy blob of white mist shot past my face!  It was big and fast and gone before I knew it.  Also in this area, I was exploring a back room where a tunnel may have once provided a safe escape for Mr. Picks and company.  In one of the back corners, I clearly heard the sound of a chair or other object moving.  When I moved forward to investigate, a large shadow mass shot away from me.

While staying in the mansion, I slept in George's Suite.  Not a single night passed that I didn't hear odd knocks, bangs, objects moving, etc.  Of course, this was the same area where one of the owners had a belt disappear and then reappear a few days later!  During my visit, I co-hosted a ghost hunting class with the Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators and managed to get three nights worth of investigating under my belt.  The results would be interesting...
George's Suite

Photographs and video would yield nothing of importance, but I would find a few significant incidents on my audio recorders.  Get out your good headphones, get yourself in a nice quiet area and give 'em a listen:

Clip 1:  This was captured in the basement of the mansion.  During an EVP session I asked, 'Can you tell me your name?'  There was an extremely low volume whispered response.  It sounds like two syllables.

Clip 2:  This was also captured in the basement.  At one point I started trying to get knock responses to questions.  In this clip, you'll hear me ask for some knocks.  Listen close; while I'm knocking, there is a weird voice that says, 'Woo...'

Clip 3:  This was captured in George's Suite during our ghost hunting class.  Here you'll hear a student (a local police officer) say, 'We'd like it if you came by the table and communicated some how.'  Right after he says this, there is a male voice that says four words.  The last three words sound like 'you like that' or 'do like that.'

Here's an enhanced version of just the EVP response...

Clip 4:  This was also captured in George's Suite.  Here you'll hear me do the classic 'shave and a haircut' knock.  Listen close; there's a pair of low volume answer knocks that we do not hear!

Clip 5:  This was captured in the Gold Suite.  While doing an EVP session there, I tried to coax the female entity to appear before me for a photograph.  In this clip, you'll hear a click (that's me adjusting my camera), then right before I say, 'This camera...can I take some photographs of you?' You'll hear a female voice start speaking.  This was recorded about 3am when I was alone with no other investigators, much less a female!

If you can manage a trip to the Brumder Mansion, you will not be disappointed.  As I've already mentioned, they have great lodgings in one of the best spots for touring the city of Milwaukee.  Of course, you can also try to catch one of the Halloween ghost hunting events they will be offering on October 29/30Visit here for information about these events, or go to the official website for the Brumder Mansion to book your room and plan your visit.  Despite the paranormal activity in the premises, everything is of a benevolent nature and you won't regret visiting with Susan and George, Jr.!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Case Files: Ernestine and Hazel's

When you have investigated as many haunted places as we have, you start to crave a 'challenge' of sorts.  Ernestine and Hazel's, a bar on South Main in downtown Memphis, Tennessee would turn out to be just what we needed.

Besides the fact that we were limited to a daylight investigation, traffic in that area is constant, stray noises are in abundance and the building itself poses its fair share of difficulties.  The wiring, much like the rest of the joint, is old so you can imagine the stray EMF's throughout the place and I believe that every single board, stair, etc. has its own creak or groan.  But this is what you get with a location that has so much history...

Back in the 'old days,'  Ernestine and Hazel's served a dual purpose; it was a 'sundry' store that sold goods to the local, black community and it hosted a small hotel of sorts on the upper floor that was a favorite with visiting musicians.  The bar tender told us tales of these musicians, such as the time Wilson Pickett stayed on the premises along with guitar player Steve Cropper.  According to legend, Pickett and Cropper would put together two of their biggest hits there:  Mustang Sally and The Midnight Hour.

Of course, with the good tales also comes the bad...  In addition to the typical services offered by a hotel, it's said that E & H also operated a brothel for its patrons.  And the business saw more than its fair share of violence over the years (a no brainer considering the ingredients of booze, whores, gambling, etc.).  It is because of these turbulent times that the bar is now thought to be haunted.

Witnesses to the on-site phenomena claim to have heard ghostly voices and moans coming from upstairs and to have occasionally seen  an apparition in the downstairs bar area.  The juke box is said to turn on by itself as well.  When we visited and toured the building, a few things became obvious:  The place does give off a bad vibe of sorts.  But this is not paranormal...
Fun House Effect

Ernestine and Hazel's is like an adult fun house--and I'm not talking about the fact it serves alcohol!  The stairs/floors are crooked and cause you to weave and bob your way across rooms, the walls are painted in garish colors and the bar is filled with strange, old furniture that makes you feel out of sorts (or at least like you've stepped back in time).  The combination of these things can make visitors instantly feel 'odd' and put off.  If you introduce a ghost story to that visitor, now you're really ill at ease...

Though it was daytime, we approached our investigation at the bar much like any other:  Audio recorders were placed in various areas (as far from windows as possible), photos were taken (infrared and otherwise) and attempts were made to interact with any spirits present in the property.  After about two hours of constant EVP work we were finally rewarded with our own ghostly experience...
Location of Moan

Mike and I were performing an EVP session in one of the upstairs side rooms (one of the possible brothel/hotel bedrooms) when we both heard a loud disembodied voice make a groaning sound.  And by loud, I mean really loud!  When we reviewed the audio on the spot, the odd voice was nearly as loud as us (listen below).

There would also be some strange EMF hits around the area of an old piano.  When we reviewed the audio recorded from this same area, we would get our only EVP:  The sound of a long, ghostly moan (listen below).  A really cliched moan that almost sounds like something from a cartoon or movie.  Of course, this is exactly the sound that employees of the bar have claimed to hear coming from upstairs...
Location of EVP and EMF Hit

All in all, I recommend visiting Ernestine and Hazel's for yourself.  They have inexpensive beer and drinks, their own unique take on the hamburger (something they call the 'Soul Burger' that features fried onions and Worcestershire sauce) and an environment you're not going to encounter anywhere else.  What better place to run into a ghost?

Clip 1:  This is the audio clip of the disembodied voice captured upstairs at Ernestine and Hazel's.  You'll hear Mike say, 'Do something.'  Then there's the groan.  Right after the voice, I say, 'What?'  Then Mike actually talks about hearing the voice as a sigh, etc.

Clip 2:  This is the EVP captured at Ernestine and Hazel's.  At this point, the room is empty of people, etc. so it is the only sound you'll hear in the clip.  It sounds like a cliche ghost sound.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Case Files: Catfish Plantation

It's always interesting when you visit a haunted place--even when it's just to learn a bit about the history and to enjoy their hospitality.  It was after a trip to the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas that I decided to sidetrack a bit on the way back to Memphis to hit the legendary Catfish Plantation restaurant in Waxahachie, Texas.

The Catfish Plantation is known for serving up some of the best fried catfish in the area (something I can definitely attest to) and for their trio of ghosts:  Caroline, Will and Elizabeth.

The house itself dates back to 1895 and a local resident by the name of Anderson.  It serviced as a farm estate for his family and relatives for many years until it was converted into a doctor's office in 1970.  Later, in 1984, the current owners (Tom and Melissa Baker) purchased the property and would open the restaurant.  As the Bakers mention on their website, it wouldn't be long after purchasing the place that they would notice paranormal activity in the home--things like dishes being moved, glowing balls of light and the apparition of a young girl in a wedding dress standing by a front window!

Over the years, Catfish Plantation has been featured in many haunted programs on the Travel Channel, etc. and they now know there are three spirits in the restaurant.  The first is 'Will' a farmer believed to have passed away on the property in the 1930's.  He has been seen by witnesses as reputable as the local police, standing on the front porch of the house in a pair of coveralls.  The second spirit is called 'Caroline' and is thought to be an elderly woman who resided in the house as well.

But the most commonly reported ghost is that of 'Elizabeth,' a young girl who is often seen in a wedding dress standing by her favorite window.  She also likes to visit the ladies restroom where it is believed she was strangled to death sometime in the 1920's.  Visitors to the restaurant have reported smelling roses when she is around, though most of the activity is attributed to the 'flirty' Will who likes to touch female visitors.

I was told all this information while enjoying my dinner at the plantation just before closing.  There was one other couple there for a meal--and when they left, my waitress took me on a short tour of the historic, haunted place.  During that tour, I had my own brief but interesting paranormal experience.  The waitress was telling me about Elizabeth's favorite spot by 'her window,' when we heard a metallic 'ding.'  After a quick look around the dining room, we found that a set of silverware on my table (a set that I wasn't using since there were place settings for four) had been moved from a straight position to a crossed position (see photo).

I snapped a photo of the incident and continued touring the restaurant.  The young girl was telling me tales about the women's restroom when an unmistakable cold spot hit the room.  The waitress was only mildly alarmed, but she ushered me away from the area (I don't think she likes seeing ghosts as much as I do).  I took a few more pictures and then got back on the road to Memphis.  A few weeks later, a paranormal television show called Ghost Lab would feature an episode of Catfish Plantation--and during their visit, they would also experience the moving silverware!

If you're ever in the area of Waxahachie, and you're craving some top notch fried catfish, I recommend visiting the Catfish Plantation (they also feature paranormal events).  Just don't sit in Elizabeth's favorite spot!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

News and Happenings

Cover from new book by Rich Newman
Recently, I appeared on two e-radio shows:  Z Talk Radio (this was recorded live from Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) and Elliott Adams' show 'The Other Side of Life.'  You can listen to this broadcast here.  Elliott and I discuss the paranormal, ghost hunting and upcoming projects from Paranormal Inc.

My newest book, The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide, will be hitting shelves this winter.  If you are into the paranormal (and we know you are) you will have to have this book!  It has state-by-state listings of hauntings throughout the United States (over 1100 of them) and you can visit every one of them!  There are no cemeteries, private properties or abandoned locations that are dangerous.  Every haunted location can be visited by every reader.  We will have more information about the exact release date, as well as events/book signings in the near future.

Results from our investigation/event at Brumder Mansion are forthcoming.  Expect to read case files from Brumder, as well as the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, and to (finally) check out the evidence captured during our trip to New Orleans in the VERY near future.

Lastly, we are planning our fall events, so if you have a suggestion for an 'open to the public' investigation or event, send it our way.  We will be presenting evidence and hosting tours of the Woodruff Fontaine House on Halloween weekend and doing the same at Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN earlier in October, so it looks to be a great end of the year!  We hope to see everyone at the fun.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Paranormal Inc Visits Brumder Mansion

Paranormal Inc will be visiting the haunted Brumder Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 9 and 10.  In addition to performing an investigation there, a ghost hunting class and exclusive preview of the new movie Ghosts of War will be presented to the general public.  The class and preview (as well as a chance to take your tour of the haunted mansion) will be offered on both evenings, so there's room for everyone to attend!

Cost for the class, preview and tour is only $30--and there are several rooms still available in the B&B for those who would like to spend the night in the haunted mansion after the event (just visit their website for more information and pricing).

Class participants will get hands-on experience using the typical ghost hunting gear (EMF detectors, audio recorders, digital thermometers, etc.) and learn how to investigate the paranormal using our patented 'DICE' method (Detect, Interact, Capture and Escalate).  Okay, so it's not 'patented,' but it will be featured in my book Ghost Hunting for Beginners (Llewellyn Publishing, 2011).  Email me at info@paranormalincorporated if you want more information regarding this trip or the event there.  See you there!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Case Files: Arlington Inn

Arlington Inn in De Soto, Missouri
Owned by Ron and Diane Johnson, the Arlington Inn is a hotel and restaurant located in De Soto, Missouri.  It was originally built in 1860 and was known locally as the 'De Soto House.'  It's located right alongside the railroad tracks in town and was most likely a road house for folks working in that industry--though the building also exhibits evidence of a church as well.  Today, the place is more well known for their down home cooking and antique furnishings than the usual sordid affairs of old taverns, boarding houses, etc.

The hotel features several unique rooms for overnight stays (just check out the circa 1949 wedding gown on display in the Bridal Suite) and, on occasion, they feature a mystery dinner theatre show.  In addition to all this, you can even shop for antiques there during your stay.  It all adds up to one historic and entertaining getaway.  And for those interested in the paranormal, the hotel even offers a bit of that as well...

Over the years, guests to the Arlington Inn have reported some strange experiences--including seeing apparitions in various parts of the building (but especially on the third floor), witnessing a rocking chair moving on its own (in the third floor hallway) and hearing the typical sounds associated with a haunting (footsteps, bangs, etc.).  A visiting ghost hunting group even managed to capture a strange photo in one of the bedrooms that could possibly be a figure standing in the room (this photo is proudly on display in the restaurant).

Arlington Inn Ghost Photo

We were treated to top notch hospitality during our stay at the inn--and the manager took time from his busy schedule to give us a tour of the grounds and to tell us the paranormal tales I just mentioned above.  He assured us that the ghosts in the hotel were of the friendly sort and were most likely past owners of the property.  Once we settled in for our own investigation, we noticed some strange things almost immediately--of the paranormal and normal nature!

On the normal side of things, the entire first floor of the inn registered some extremely high electromagnetic fields.  Especially adjacent to the manager's office.  This is often the case with older buildings, but with readings topping 180mg next to the fuse box, this is something they may want to correct (this is high enough to actually cause hallucinations, headaches, etc.).  The other areas on the first floor were in the 8-20mg range--which is also high, but not unbearably so.

After doing an initial sweep of the hotel, we settled in the downstairs parlor/sitting room to do some EVP work; almost immediately we heard the sounds of the front door opening and footsteps walking around the room.  Upon inspection, the front door was fastened tight.  In fact, we were told guests had to use the side/restaurant door to go in and out of the hotel.  Soon, we managed to get some strange readings on the K2 meter as well--readings that suggested we were not alone in the room!  Though we would go on to investigate the other areas of the hotel, we would have no other personal experiences.  But we had high hopes for good evidence after our review .

We crashed for the night in our respective rooms, audio recorders running, and left the following morning after a wonderful breakfast buffet in the restaurant (worth a visit in itself).  Review of our photos, audio, etc. revealed a few interesting audio clips:

Clip 1:  This is an example of the footsteps and creaking board sounds we heard on the first floor that would indicate somebody walked into the room.  Only we weren't walking and the actual floor wasn't creaking...

Clip 2:  This is the recording of the sound of the front door opening.  As mentioned above, the door never opened and nobody was there, though.

Clip 3:  This EVP was captured in the downstairs sitting room.  We were performing an EVP session and asking for a tap or knock in response to a question.  Though we never heard it at the time, apparently somebody was, indeed, knocking for our attention.

Clip 4:  This was recorded in Mike's room during the night.  It sounds like footsteps in the room with him and even wakes him from sleep.

All in all, with or without ghosts, the Arlington Inn makes for a fun trip.  There's a neat little bar within walking distance, a great restaurant there and comfortable beds in a historic building.  Add it to your itinerary when you pass through Missouri on your way to St. Louis!  Visit their website for more information.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Case Files: The Duff Green Mansion B&B

Haunted Dixie Room at Duff Green Mansion
When Duff Green made the decision to marry Mary Lake, he built a home for his soon-to-be bride in 1856.  She was fond of entertaining folks in Vicksburg, Mississippi and he thought the Palladian style mansion would be a perfect environment for their social galas. And so the place thrived until the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861.

The war would place an immense strain on the Green family, as well as the residents of Vicksburg--especially after the city became the focus of General Ulysses S. Grant's army during the siege of 1863.  Confederate General John C. Pemberton commanded the defense of the city and they would endure a vicious artillery assault for more than forty days while the residents of the town huddled in their homes and neighboring caves for safety.

During the battle, the Duff Green Mansion would become a hospital for troops from both sides.  After the home was struck a number of times by cannonball fire, Duff offered the place for the wounded in a last ditch effort to save the structure.  The basement/kitchen area of the home was used as an operating area, the ground floor was used for recovering Confederate soldiers and the top floor was reserved for Union troops.  Hundreds would go under the knife in the mansion--with many of them losing their lives.  Meanwhile, Mary Green would give birth to a son in a neighboring cave.  He would be named William Siege Green in a bit of dark humor.

Once the war was over, the Greens leased the mansion to the federal government as a veterans hospital so that troops could fully recover from their wounds before traveling to their homes.  It would be 1866 before the Greens would get their mansion back.  They lived there until 1880 when Duff passed away in the premises, then Mary would sell the property.  The house would go on to be an orphanage, a retirement home and a center for the homeless/needy operated by the Salvation Army.

Today it is a premier bed and breakfast operated by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carter Sharp.  They have completely renovated the home in a style that tells of its former glory while offering modern amenities for guests.  Visitors to the B&B can still see the evidence of the home's trials during the Civil War; blood stains are still visible on the floor and even the damage from a cannon ball can be seen.  Of course, another thing that's often seen in the home is ghosts...

The most common reported spirit is that of Mary Green who has, apparently, decided to return to the home that was built for her.  Her apparition has been seen throughout the main house numerous times.  She is said to have blond hair and to be wearing a long, green dress.  Incidents involving being touched by Mary and hearing her voice have also occurred.  And Mary is not alone in the house either...

Visitors who stay in the Dixie Room have also seen a ghost.  In this area, though, the entity appears to be that of a Confederate soldier.  Interestingly, most stories involving this ghost state that the man is missing a leg and is usually sitting in a chair within this room, indicating he was probably a soldier who recuperated in the home just after the war.  Other haunted hot spots include the Confederate Room (where phantom smells, disembodied voices/footsteps have been experienced) and the staircase area of the main house (where the spirit of a young Green daughter (who died at a young age in the home) is said to hang out).

During our investigation at the mansion, several interesting things happened.  While performing some EVP work on the ground floor of the house, we heard what sounded like a voice twice (once it sounded like a female or young child and once it sounded male).  We also seemed to have an entity moving back and forth between the dining room and the living room; we were actually able to track the movement using a K2 style EMF detector (see the video below).  Though I initially thought the spirit to be Mary Green (and even say so in the video), it seems that this entity was most likely the young Green daughter; the K2 hits seemed to be a consistent 3 feet or so off the ground and the energy field seemed to enjoy 'sitting' in my lap.

We also spent a great deal of time in the Dixie Room attempting to get the ghost there on camera.  Though this did not happen, some strange events did occur.  At times the room seemed to go extremely dark like something was, literally, sucking the light out of it.  And there would be strange, light knocks within the room--sometimes seemingly in response to our questions (or us simply talking about the spirit there).  Once our investigation was over, we actually slept in the Confederate Room, hoping to experience some activity there (of course we were so tired we dropped off immediately, so there was no chance of catching any 'phantom smells').

Review of the audio from Duff Green Mansion yielded some interesting things.  Warning:  When you listen to these EVP's/audio clips, wear headphones in a quiet room!  There was a rain storm the night we visited, so we had to use low sensitivity microphones (otherwise all we would have heard on audio is thunder, rain, etc.).  We caught the following:

Clip 1:  This EVP was captured in the ballroom of Duff Green.  You'll hear a loud breath (me) then there's what sounds like a faint male voice.

Clip 2:  This was captured in the living room of Duff Green.  You'll hear me say 'ask you some questions,' then you'll hear a male voice say something.  We actually heard this voice live.

Clip 3:  This was captured just outside the ballroom in the hallway.  It sounds like a 'yoo hoo' style whistle.  Maybe somebody trying to get our attention?  This is an EVP and was not heard live.

Clip 4:  This was recorded in the dining room.  We were doing EVP work and having fun with the K2 meter when we heard a yell.  Could either be a female or child (this is in the video as well).

Clip 5:  This was recorded in the dining room.  Just before you hear me speak, there is the voice of a woman.  This is an EVP and was not heard live.

Clip 6:  This was captured in the Dixie Room.  While attempting to catch the soldier on video, we caught this EVP of a male voice.

Clip 7:  This audio clip was recorded in the Dixie Room.  This is an example of the low-volume tapping that would often occur in response to questions, or when we were talking about the ghost of that room.

The Duff Green Mansion is a wonderful haunted location--and an even better bed and breakfast.  Well worth the trip to Vicksburg.  Stop in for a bit of good Southern hospitality and tell 'em Paranormal Inc sent you.  Enjoy this video tour of the Duff Green Mansion and visit their website for more information regarding your visit there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Orpheum Theatre: Sylvia Browne Interview & Show

Like most legendary haunted locations, the Orpheum Theatre in Memphis, TN has its fair share of legends and stories.  Most people in the Memphis area have heard of the ghost of Mary--and most likely have heard one of three stories concerning Mary's origins.  Now there is a fourth version to the story--one that adds more depth, details and a second ghost!  This information comes from psychic Sylvia Browne who will be appearing at the Orpheum this Friday, April 23.

During a conference call that included members of the local press and management of the theatre, Sylvia managed to do a reading of the spirits at the Orpheum.  And what a reading it was!  I managed to get an interview with Sylvia concerning her reading--as well as to get valuable information from her regarding hauntings, ghost hunting and the use of psychics by paranormal investigators.

As I mentioned above, there are three original stories concerning Mary.  They are:
1.  She died in an accident involving a fall and wandered into the theatre.
2.  She was struck by a trolley in front of the theatre, was brought inside and then died.
3.  She perished in a fire that occurred in the original opera house.

These stories evolved from a couple different sources, including a parapsychology class from the University of Memphis who visited the theatre in 1979.  Over the years, these stories (at least the part about the spirit of a girl being in the place) have been supported by eyewitness accounts of seeing Mary hanging out in and around her 'favorite seat' in the theatre C-5, Box 5.  Even famous actors like Yul Brynner have reported seeing the ghost of Mary.

With Sylvia Browne already scheduled to appear at the Orpheum this Friday, it seemed only natural to get her take on the haunted happenings at the theatre.  During my phone call with her, she revealed several new revelations concerning Mary:  She died at the age of 27, she passed away during the Civil War and she is not alone!  During her reading, Ms. Browne revealed that Mary Margaret Forrester died because of an immunity issue and a broken heart while attending wounded Civil War troops on the grounds of the theatre (she was a nurse).  Her beau was killed while serving in the Confederate army (a soldier by the name of David Jensen) which led to Mary's demise sometime in 1863 or 1864.

When I asked Sylvia about people seeing a 'little girl' in the theatre, she stated that Mary is quite short and that people are simply mistaking her for a younger girl.  Simple enough explanation.  Sylvia also feels that there is a male entity in the premises as well; his name is Clifford Ferris (or possibly Farris) and he hung himself from a tree sometime around 1886 while suffering from encephalitis.  Clifford and Mary do not communicate or notice each other, but exist in their own worlds within the property.

It will be interesting to utilize this new information during an investigation of the Orpheum Theatre--something that's in the works for us as I write this.  For those who are interested in hearing Sylvia's take on ghost hunting, psychics and paranormal television programs, take a listen at the podcast below.  It is the entire phone conversation between myself and Sylvia Browne.  In addition to taking the time to speak to me about the Orpheum and the paranormal, Sylvia has also offered something for you, the visitors to this website:  Free tickets to her show this Friday!  At least three pairs of them at any rate...

The first three people to email me about this post and to mention a specific detail from the phone call/podcast below that's not mentioned within this article will get a pair of free tickets to see Sylvia this Friday night (April 23) at the Orpheum Theatre.  She has even said she may attempt to speak to Mary during the show!  This is your chance to see one of the country's premier psychics in action--as well as to ask your own questions concerning your haunting, ghost hunting, etc.

If you're not one of the lucky three to get the free tickets, you can enjoy a discount off your ticket price that's being offered to the visitors of this website.  Just visit Ticket Master to purchase your tickets for the show and enter the Discount Code 'Sylvia123' to get an instant 10% discount off the price!  Her show is priced extremely reasonably already (tickets are as low as $25), so with this discount you will not want to miss it.  Enjoy the podcast and I hope to see you at the show!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

News, Events and New Gear

It's that busy time of year for us; with warm weather now breathing down our necks, it's only natural that we would start planning some new investigations and overnight events for the year.  We have also revamped our website.  If you take a look at the investigations listed on the site, you will notice that they now feature embedded photos and mini audio players embedded right in the articles.  There are no more pesky external links to deal with (with the rare exception of when we need an extra large photo to be available for review, as in the Woodruff Fontaine House case).  So take a lap around the site and check out all those EVP's that you maybe didn't hear before.  I also invite everyone to check out our Facebook page (there's a link in the sidebar of this site).  You can post your own paranormal photos, videos and audio there to share with other paranormal enthusiasts, as well as add a link for your own site.

News-wise, we have several announcements to make.  First off, it's probably not too early to announce that we will be teaming up with the Woodruff Fontaine House again this year to host haunted tours of the living museum.  We will be performing a pair of new investigations of the premises, so we hope to have new audio, photographic and video evidence of the haunting there to present at the event.  If you've never heard of this location, or of the spirit of Mollie Woodruff, you may want to check it out.  Haunted tours aside, the home is a great place to visit (they are a museum that's open most days) and they offer tours.  Check out their site for more info.

We also want to let everyone know that we have two more articles appearing in Paranormal Underground magazine.  The April 2010 issue (out now, just check out their website) features our investigation at Devil's Backbone in Grand Tower, Illinois and the May 2010 issue will have our investigation of the Lehmann House.  Both of these investigations are featured on this site, but the magazine will have tons of additional articles concerning the paranormal, so it's worth checking out for sure.

The last thing I want to mention is that one of our members, Brandon, is now officially in the U.S. Army, so we are down an investigator.  Though we can usually do our work with just two people (and we actually prefer a small team), we do feel the need to take on a new investigator.  Ideally, this person will live in a reasonable distance from Memphis so attending investigations, etc. won't be a problem.  If you are interested in coming aboard, shoot me an email at

On the events front, we have a couple new intriguing investigations coming up.  We will be hosting an overnight at Duff Green Mansion in Vicksburg, Mississippi as well as at the infamous Angel's Park Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I am in discussions with both locations and hope to have a hard date set VERY soon.  Those will be announced here and on our Facebook page.  I am also in talks for a unique investigation of our own local 'Waverly Hills' style sanitorium that's known for its paranormal activity.  Though this won't be an open overnight event, we will definitely keep our friends in mind for joining us on this trip.

Lastly, I wanted to introduce a new piece of gear for everyone.  It's a small, handheld nightvision camera that runs off batteries and records directly to SD memory cards.  What makes it cool is that it also features an onboard flashlight, so you can use your second hand to carry an additional piece of gear (like an EMF detector).  But, perhaps, the coolest thing of all about it, is that it only costs $80.00!  Why is it so cheap?  It was designed to be a toy (and you can tell it was because it's very lightweight), but it functions very well and does offer an easy to use alternative to a camcorder (and using SD memory cards makes it easy to offload the video footage).  You can order your camera through this link at our Amazon Store.

Stay tune to this site for more information regarding Paranormal Inc and our upcoming events and investigations.  If you have a haunted site for us to investigate, drop us a line at

Monday, April 12, 2010

Case Files: The Lehmann House

Though this Romanesque Revival home was originally built in the 1860's for Edward S. Rowse, it's more known for Frederick and Nora Lehmann who took over the property and lived there for over thirty years.  The house would go on to pass through several other owners before landing in the lap of current resident and innkeeper, Marie Davies.

Since taking over the property in 1992, Marie has done an outstanding job of renovating this house and she now hosts one of the best bed and breakfasts in the area (the historic Lafayette Square neighborhood).  Guests who stay in the Lehmann House get to choose between four different rooms for their stay:  The Presidents Room (named for the fact that several U.S. presidents were known to have visited the house during the Lehmann's residency there), The Map Room (where Frederick once stored his map collection), The World's Fair Room (which commemorates Frederick's membership on the Board of Directors for the 1904 World's Fair) and The Maid's Room (named for the obvious reason).

But what about the haunting of this bed and breakfast?  Tales vary.  If you research online, you'll quickly figure out that most think the spirit of Edward is still lingering in his old bedroom.  Marie has heard some of these stories--and has had her own experiences in the home--though she reserves a certain amount of skepticism regarding some of the more extravagant claims (as is often good to do).  Of course, like most homes of this age, there have been deaths there (all of natural causes), so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that somebody from the home's past could still be there.

During my visit at the B&B, I stayed in The Map Room, an area where others have claimed to have seen shadowy apparitions and heard footsteps/voices.  After several hours of snapping infrared photos and performing EVP work throughout the house, I turned in for the night for several hours of restless sleep.  It would be after my review of the audio recorded in the bedroom that I would know why I slept so fitfully...

Over the course of the night, sounds within the room would shake me awake--primarily the sounds of whispers/voices and objects banging/moving.  Here are a few examples of this:

Clip 1:  Here you'll hear what sounds like a voice whispering in the room and then a bang that wakes me.  The audio recorder was on a nightstand beside the bed.

Clip 2:  In this clip you'll hear a gasp/sigh that's me suddenly waking up.  At the same time, it sounds like a female says something (almost like her voice woke me).

Clip 3:  Here you'll hear a female voice say a couple words, then hear me wake up and turn over in my bed.  I actually remember waking up for this one.  I looked around the room and found nothing, so I went back to sleep.

Clip 4:  This is the same as Clip 3, only I have enhanced the audio so you can hear the female voice a little clearer.

Since most of the tales involving a ghost seem to involve a male family member who lived there, it's a little surprising to have captured a female voice.  But that's the way it goes sometimes.  Like I said before, there were family deaths in the home...

Visit the Lehmann House B&B's website for more information regarding the home, its restoration and to book your own room for a stay you won't forget.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paranormal Inc Featured in Paranormal Underground

If you haven't heard of it, Paranormal Underground is an independently produced magazine that features articles and information about all aspects of the paranormal. You can purchase copies of their magazine (in magazine form, or as a downloadable pdf document), and even read the content for free once the issue has been released for a while.

The content of the magazine (much like the articles contained in Haunted Times) is contributed by folks from all over the world that research and work in their respective fields. They always feature a couple new haunted locations, and 'how-to' type articles (this issue has a great piece on EVP's).

Check out the most current issue (Feb 2010) which features an article we contributed concerning the haunting and investigation of the Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky. Visit their website for more information and to check out the magazine!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Case Files: Walking Horse Hotel

Some of the legends and ghost stories concerning the Walking Horse Hotel (circa 1917) will make you shake your head in wonder--and others are simply tragic. When the current owner of the establishment, Joe Peters, took over the property, he learned about the tales pretty quick. First there's the story of the spectral horse that's been seen inside the building (thought to be 'Strolling Jim,' a world champion Tennessee Walking Horse who is actually buried outside on the premises), then there's the spirit of 'Floyd Carothers' (a past owner of the hotel who is rumored to haunt the area around his old room on the third floor, though he passed away in Jonesboro, Arkansas) and then there are the usual tales of spirits associated with historic saloons and hotels. But the most tragic tale of all concerns Joe himself.

Joe purchased the hotel in 2007 and was renovating the historic building when his wife, Chais, succumbed to cancer and passed away. He named the music hall (an area that now features regular music acts) after her and continued on, turning the Walking Horse into a unique and pleasurable place to stay (there are six beautifully apportioned rooms for rent). Since then, several paranormal groups have investigated the hotel--and most have come away with compelling evidence that supports the idea that something is going on at the Walking Horse!

When Mike and I stayed at the hotel, we took one of the five rooms on the second floor (Room 205) that was said to have had more than its fair share of paranormal activity (though it seems the third floor--an area that is still being renovated--is the most active). Joe gave us a tour of the premises and pointed out several hot spots where folks had either had a personal experience or a previous investigator had gathered some evidence.

He also mentioned that most of the information about the Walking Horse being haunted was nonsense (come on, is anyone really expecting to see a ghost horse in the building?)--specifically the tales of a Vietnam veteran going on a shooting spree and of a customer who claimed to be possessed by Floyd (yet another reason to be skeptical of 'information' found online). We placed audio recorders in our room while we investigated the third (and empty) floor of the hotel, where we used the usual array of audio, video and environmental monitoring gear.

While working on the third floor, we had several significant experiences. The sounds of disembodied voices/whispers were heard a few times (once there was a loud sigh that sounded between us), a massive black shadow shape once blotted out the light of an entire doorway and Mike (much to his surprise) witnessed the full bodied apparition of a woman wearing a turn of the century dress. I can attest to at least his surprise; he dropped his flashlight, jumped about two feet into the air and nearly tore my shirt off trying to grab me to show me the woman.

As for the bedroom we stayed in...well, we were pretty exhausted after working into the wee hours on the third floor, so there were no personal experiences (unless you count light snoring). The following day, we thanked Joe for his hospitality, had a great breakfast at the hotel and made our way back to the homestead for several days of reviewing the evidence we gathered.

Though the video and photographic data would yield no evidence, there were several EVP's captured by our audio recorders:

EVP 1: This was captured on the third floor. Listen behind Mike and I and you will hear a female voice say 'Hello.'

EVP 2: This was captured on the third floor. Once again, you'll hear Mike and I talking. Behind us, you'll hear a little female laugh then one word a bit later.

EVP 3: Also on the third floor. Right after I say 'Ow' you'll hear another 'hello.' This one sounds young or male, though.

EVP 4: This clip is actually of us hearing a disembodied voice. It sounds like a yell, then a couple words. It was captured on the third floor.

EVP 5: Captured on the third floor. Right after I say, 'Tell us your name,' you'll hear a strange, whispered voice. It sounds male.

EVP 6: Here's a weird one. Captured on the third floor. Almost sounds like a 'yee haw' or something.

EVP 7: This was on the third floor. We are changing out batteries (they were just drained) and discussing switching out gear. In the background you'll hear two female sighs/moans.

EVP 8: This is an example of the weird breaths/sighs we heard live on the third floor. You'll hear me and Mike talking in the background; over the top is the breath.

EVP 9: Captured in Room 205. We are asleep. Sounds like a bump and a weird yell.

EVP 10: While we were sleeping, something significant moved in the room. This is the audio of that sound, as well as us waking up and saying we heard something.

As a bonus, here is the audio of Mike actually seeing the apparition (excuse the brief obscenity). I put this here to show the correct way of dealing with this type of event; I've discovered that immediately documenting the details is essential for remembering exactly how an event takes place. It's also important to not run away, but to immediately investigate the area.

The Walking Horse Hotel is located in Wartrace, Tennessee. Visit their website for more information regarding renting a room or catching a live performance at this wonderful and historic hotel. With personal experiences that include shadow masses, a full-bodied apparition and disembodied voices, I have no problem stating we believe this hotel to be haunted, although we cannot vouch for the ghost horse...