Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Paranormal Inc Hits New Orleans

So we've returned from our trip to New Orleans and we have a LOT of evidence to go over. We're talking tons of audio, video, photos, etc. As you probably know, NOLA has more haunted locations than (probably) any other city in the United States, so visiting (much less investigating) all of them is simply impossible on one trip. But that's a good thing; we always want a reason to return to such a fun city!

That said, we did do four major investigations there: Bourbon Orleans, Creole Gardens B&B, Le Pavillon Hotel and Dauphine Orleans. And we got to visit and meet with quite a few other haunts (and hopefully pave the way for a few future investigations), meet with a few paranormal groups there and participate in one of the haunted tours that's offered (a great way to orient yourself).

In other news, stay tuned to our website over the next few weeks; we will be announcing a major overnight event that you will not want to miss! And did you join our Facebook group yet (just click on the banner in the sidebar)? We will be using Facebook to announce more events in the near future--and you can see more videos and photos from our investigations than what's posted here.

While we are going over the evidence from New Orleans, we thought you'd like to see a little 'compilation video' of our trip. I didn't shoot video at EVERY haunted location we went to, but there are quite a few of them in this video. So sit back and enjoy a haunted tour of New Orleans with Paranormal Inc!