Monday, November 30, 2009

Ghosts of War Update and Trailer

With a couple of re-shoots under our belt, we are now fully editing the finished product of Ghosts of War--our documentary shot in conjunction with Elsinore Productions ( in Memphis, Tennessee. We have been getting emails almost daily concerning the film and its release, so I thought I'd get a 'quick' trailer for the movie up and running.

I made this trailer using a website called Animoto; they specialize in making 'slide show' type videos using music, photos and small video clips. I met these guys while attending the SXSW Film Festival and loved their product, so I thought this would be a great way to plug their service (something you can use as well at their website), as well as get a trailer for the movie out there for folks to watch.

At this point, it looks like we'll be ready for limited screenings of the movie (at the locations where we shot the film) in the Feb/March time frame; we will also be putting the documentary in several film festivals at that time. After that, we hope to screen the movie on television (we've been talking with Syfy and the Travel Channel) and then release the movie on DVD/BluRay (we will sell those on our website, as well as online retailers like Amazon).

So, that said, here is the Animoto styled trailer for Ghosts of War. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Case Files: Magnolia Hill B&B

This Queen Anne styled bed and breakfast dates back to 1900 (though construction actually began on the place in 1895) and it was the home of Confederate Captain Charles Moore Sr. He built the place on the grounds of the Civil War battle in Helena, Arkansas (this area was where the Union soldiers held their ground as they fought the entrenched Rebel army--and eventually won the battle) and he lived in the house until 1939.

The place was then converted briefly into a Presbyterian church before being used as a USO club during World War II. After that, the place became a home again (for the Moore and Tardy families) until it was converted into a B&B in 1992.

Over the years, tales of Magnolia Hill being haunted have circulated the area--as well as appearing in a segment of the locally shot show Extreme Ghost Hunters. We decided to make the investigation of this house a 'joint effort,' so members of the Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators and The Ellisville Mississippi Paranormal Society joined us for this event (as well as an investigator-in-training from Arkansas named Lisa).

Over the course of the investigation, we (Paranormal Inc) had several personal experiences (if you want to read about the other groups' experiences, visit their websites as well). While performing an EMF session in the basement, we had a great yes/no session using a cell sensor EMF detector (you can listen to the audio below). It was indicated in this session that the entity in the basement was a Union soldier who was trapped in the home. Interestingly, the entire session kicked off with the spirit banging a bucket in the room to get our attention (audio below).

Since the house was built on the site of a battle, we decided to do a short bit of investigating outside as well. We did broad EMF sweeps, some EVP work and snapped a lot of infrared photos. Unfortunately, nothing came from this portion of the investigation.

Once we turned in for the night (Mike and I stayed in the room called The Fuscia Room) we also had a personal experience there. We were pretty much knocked out when the door to the bathroom within the room jerked and banged violently. We both woke up and investigated the sounds, but nobody was present in the room with us. This was a great occurrence because it backed up claims that others have had while staying in this room.

Review of the audio data collected at Magnolia Hill revealed several EVP's (some of which you can listen to below) and documented several of the personal experiences that happened as well (such as the bucket moving and the EMF session). Listening to the audio suggests that there are two separate voices captured--including a small child (most likely male) and a female. This is in addition, of course, to the soldier thought to trapped in the basement.

I highly recommend visiting Magnolia Hill B&B for a great weekend in Helena, Arkansas. The lodging and food is excellent and the spirits there are extremely tame in nature. The place also makes a great location to do some exploring from; there are many historic homes and sites in the area that are well worth the visit.

Audio Evidence:

Audio Clip 1: This was recorded in the basement prior to performing an EMF yes/no session. You will hear a bucket get banged to get our attention. The bucket actually moved and this sound was witnessed by both members of P.I., Tony of TEMPS and Kermit (one of the inn keepers).

Audio Clip 2: This is the entire EMF session from the basement. Warning: It's long! Sometimes it takes 'working with' the spirit to get enough energy going to get a response. But once it begins (as you'll see here), you can get some great results. Again, this session was performed with both members of P.I., Tony of TEMPS and Kermit present.

EVP1: This was captured as we were leaving the basement to investigate the first floor of the house. You will hear a female voice--this is the EVP. There were no females in this area.

EVP2: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. You'll hear a female response to Paula (a member of TEMPS).

EVP3: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. You'll hear Lisa (investigator-in-training) ask a question then a strange, echoing voice that sounds like a young child yelling. Interestingly, at the time, I was investigating outside and never heard a thing--nor does Lisa or Mike react to the sound.

EVP4: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. You hear Mike ask for any entities present to tap on something and there is a response.

EVP5: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. The room is empty, but you can hear what sounds like a female humming.

EVP6: This was captured in the Fuscia Room where we slept. At the time the room was empty as we were investigating outside. You'll hear a little tapping sound, then a female or young child laugh.

EVP7: This odd EVP was captured in the living room area. It sounds like a male moan, then a thump. At the time, the entire house was asleep for the night.

Unfortunately, no video or photographic evidence was captured at this investigation. Stay tuned as we post our findings from our investigation at the Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, Tennessee!