Monday, August 17, 2009

The Original Springs Hotel

The oldest portions of this unique hotel date back to 1892 when the place was built to replace the original spa/farm that existed on the property that had burned down. Since 1867, the owners of the property (the place changed hands several times) had been drawing visitors to the area with the hopes that the spring water there would provide medicinal help to those who drank it. For years, hundreds of folks visited and did just that--they drank from the springs and word got around that the water there was good!

Today, there still exists a spa on the premises that offers different types of massages, as well as pedicures and manicures (not to mention the spring water that still flows). There's also a nice bar/restaurant called the Boiler Room on the site that has great drinks and food. But the Original Springs Hotel has more than just these amenities to offer visitors--it is believed that as many as three spirits roam the halls of this hotel.

When Mike, Brandon and I visited the Original Springs we learned from the night shift desk clerk that sightings of the spirits there had occurred as recently as the week before our arrival. A guest staying in one of the rooms had witnessed the apparition of a woman standing near the soda machines beside the pool. This was not something she had been expecting while going for a Coke! According to the clerk, this female apparition has been seen many times in that area over the years.

Other ghosts seen within the hotel include a second (or possibly the same) female who is often seen peering from the top floor windows (specifically, the ones that overlook the pool) and a male Civil War era soldier that is often seen around the Boiler Room. Additional activity experienced within the Original Springs includes seeing shadow shapes (usually in the hallways and within rooms), hearing voices and being overwhelmed with the feeling of being watched.

After we loaded our gear into our rooms at the hotel, we did our usual walkthrough to identify where the hot spots were, then we got into some EVP/EMF work around the pool area. It didn't take long for us to find a strange EMF spike on a small set of steps in the second floor hallway--a hallway that not only looks over the pool, but is also directly above the soda machines where the female apparition is usually seen. This spike soon turned into one of the best question-and-answer EMF sessions we have ever had at a haunted location. While we performed the session, we video and audio recorded the entire affair.

Once this was over, we did some more work in the portion of the hotel that is said to be the oldest (the Original Springs had had many renovations and new areas added over the years). Then we retired to our rooms for the night--audio and video rolling.

Once our review of the evidence was over we found that, in addition to the EMF session, we had captured one great EVP. It occurred right when we were leaving the stairs/hall area and were finished with the EMF session. This EVP is included at the end of the video shown below. As you watch the video, you'll notice that I am holding a small digital audio recorder in my hand; this is the device that captured the EVP. It appears that the apparition we were talking with did not want us to leave!

Due to the size of the video (Warning: It is 17 minutes long!) I uploaded the video to Facebook. You can watch the video embedded from there below. You can get more information regarding the history and haunting of the Original Springs Hotel at the hotel's website, or by visiting Troy Taylor's website. Enjoy!