Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lemp Mansion-Story of a Haunting

Here's a question that I get quite often: "How do you really know when a place is haunted?" Answer: "When it consistently generates paranormal activity that cannot be explained by conventional means, but fits the typical 'haunted profile'." The key word here is 'consistently.' This brings us to the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lemp has been called one of the most haunted places in America, if not the world, and has been featured in numerous television programs and books--even if the exact story of the mansion and Lemp family seems to be debatable; there are many alternate stories/histories of the mansion and the Lemp family that have been provided by 'psychics' or 'sensitives,'--which, in my opinion, can immediately be thrown out. Paranormal Inc only deals in facts and proof--and until a 'psychic' is willing to go through the necessary steps to prove to our team that they are, indeed, actually psychic, we will always dismiss them.

Psychic aside, though, many investigators have made their rounds through the Lemp mansion and came back with numerous tales to tell. EVP's, photographs and personal experiences seem to top the list in regard to evidence--another characteristic of Lemp that is pervasive; if you Google the mansion, you will get many photos of paranormal activity in the place--something that is simply not the norm in a haunted location. Investigators sometimes go, well, forever without getting a great photo of a haunting (orbs, dust and moisture aside).

This brings us to our photo (shown above). While scouting the Lemp mansion for a future overnight/investigation, Brandon and I decided to do a quick lap around the house and take a tour of the inside to get a feel of the place. During this trip we snapped a lot of photos. The photo that was taken above was done in the side parking lot of the place. I snapped one photo (actually because I wanted the Lemp logo for a future article), took a step to my left, and then snapped a second photo.

The first photo came out perfectly normal. It's a house with nothing in any window. The second photo, however, gave me the picture shown above. If you look at the top set of windows, the second window from the left now has a light in it. The light was not there literally two seconds before in the first picture. Also--if you look carefully--there appears to be the face of what appears to be a girl around the light. There is even the hint of a white dress/clothing under the face/light. Mind you, that this photo was taken during an extremely short visit to the Lemp mansion in broad daylight--with a cell phone!

Is the Lemp mansion haunted? Hundreds of seasoned investigators say yes. For us at Paranormal Inc, the answer will be gotten soon. Lemp is one of the ten new locations that we will be tackling in 2009. Stay tuned for our investigation results from the infamous Lemp mansion--as well as the Lehmann house in St. Louis, which will be the next location featured by us on this site.

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