Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get Your Haunted Times!

The newest issue of Haunted Times magazine is out! Pick up the issue and check out the Paranormal Inc article inside concerning our investigation of the Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois. In addition to getting the skinny on the haunting and history of the location, the article features one of the key pieces of evidence we captured there: A photograph of a full-bodied apparition appearing before our very eyes (and floating three feet off the ground).

The editors of the magazine felt the photograph was the image of one of the long deceased Eldred daughters who passed away on the premises, though we felt the image was more indicative of the spirit of a Native American who is associated with haunting the front yard area of the home, but that's okay. We welcome and respect all knowledgeable opinions!

Since this is good news, I thought this might be a great opportunity to talk about some of the awesome things that will be coming up for Paranormal Inc in the next few months (besides the completion of the movie Ghosts of War).

New investigations. With six new investigations happening in six different states over the summer, there will be plenty to talk about! We have hand-picked these locations for their great history and their high probability for results--we just hope we can continue our success at gathering evidence and providing more information and insight into the haunting of these locations.

New overnights. Now that we've gotten one under our belt (and have an idea of what works and what doesn't) we will be offering a couple new overnights with Paranormal Inc that will be open to the public over the summer. And the best part is: They will be (relatively) inexpensive, they will feature new ghost hunting technology, and they will be in extremely haunted locations! Stay tuned to get updates on these soon.

New articles. Look for more of Paranormal Inc in Haunted Times, as well as several new articles hitting this website in the next few weeks that feature two of our recent investigations: The Lehmann House in St. Louis, Missouri and the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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