Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magnolia Manor Overnight a Success

What makes an overnight event a success? How about taking a great, professional group of people--all interested in learning and investigating the paranormal--and putting them in a wonderfully haunted location: Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN.

After a quick meet-and-greet and tour of the premises, the overnight group participated in a quick class on performing Live EVP sessions (and the realm of the infrasonic) and shooting video/photographs in UV/IR. We then buckled down for a night of investigating. Magnolia Manor has already been investigated twice by the Paranormal Inc team for the upcoming film Ghosts of War (still in production--though only two locations are left to shoot!) so individual hot spots were easily identified.

Over the course of the evening, there were several personal experiences that happened to the team:

1. A set of motion detectors were set off in the 1849 Room of the B&B near a wardrobe that is known for activity (one of the entities in the home tends to 'play' with the hangars inside and bangs them against the sides). This was followed up with a great K2 session that produced some good hits/results.

2. Immediately following the K2 session, two members of the Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators experienced hits on their K2 in Annie's Room--almost as if the spirit moved from one room into the adjoining room. There was actually an EVP captured at this moment as well (listed in the evidence below).

3. Over the course of the evening, an adult female voice was heard twice in the C.A. Miller Suite and a young, female voice was heard twice in the old Slave Quarters that is now converted into a cottage at the rear of the house.

4. While team members were working outside the Austin Miller Suite, a cell sensor EMF detector managed to turn itself off inside the room. Upon investigation, the button was actually turned off--it was not a case of bad/drained batteries.

5. At one point, small balls of green light were seen on the ceiling of the first floor (just under the floor of Annie's Room). These are sometimes called 'Sprite Lights' and they usually precede activity in an area. Very true in this case (see evidence).

6. Members of The Ellisville Mississippi Paranormal Society witnessed what looked like a male entity enter the C.A. Miller Suite during the night. Mistaking the spirit for a Paranormal Inc team member, they spoke aloud to the 'person' but there was nobody there at that point.

7. Team members sleeping in the 1849 Room experienced something touching their feet during the night as they slept.

There were more experiences than just these...though these are probably the most dramatic. Since the investigation, Paranormal Inc has been reviewing the data gathered at the overnight trip (and this is probably not the only evidence that will emerge, since the other participants gathered their own audio/video data as well). Several great EVP's came out of the investigation...

EVP1: This was captured in the C.A. Miller Suite during a Live EVP session with Cindy and Lisa from Missouri. Lisa asks, "Can you do anything at all to show me that you're here?" She is answered with a loud thump.

EVP2: This was captured in Annie's Room. After a great K2 session in the 1849 Room (see above) the entity moved into this room. You'll hear an EVP of a laugh just before investigators of MSPI note their K2 meter is going off.

EVP3: This was captured in Annie's Room. You'll hear an investigator ask, "Do you live here?" There is a female response that sounds like, "Doesn't everything?", though it could be something else that is said. What do you think?

EVP4: This was captured in Annie's Room. The room is actually empty at this point. You'll hear a dog bark then a female voice say something.

EVP5: This was captured in Annie's Room. Investigators Donna and Jamie from Missouri are performing an EVP session. They get a response.

EVP6: This was captured in Annie's Room. You'll hear an investigator ask, "Do you wanna laugh with us?" The entity laughs in response. Can't beat that...

EVP7: This was captured in Annie's Room. You'll hear an investigator speak, then a strange whispered response.

As mentioned above, the investigation/overnight was a success--though sometimes it doesn't always seem to be going well during the actual investigation. Investigating the paranormal is a strange affair: Sometimes it seems you're getting no evidence and that nothing significant is happening, then you get back to the office and discover you have a wealth of evidence. This is simply the way things are, so we must always exercise patience and be professional!

That said, Paranormal Inc is hosting another overnight on Saturday, April 11 at the infamous Lemp Mension in St. Louis, Missouri. We still have two rooms available that we need to fill! If you're interested in joining us, get more details by emailing Mike Uelsmann (one of our team members). Remember: All costs of an event go to paying for the room you are staying in and for the activities planned for that evening. Paranormal Inc makes no money from our overnight events!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring News and Events

Things are going well for us at Paranormal Inc and we thought we'd take the time to mention some of the great news and events that are going on right now...

1. Our upcoming movie Ghosts of War, a film about local, haunted Civil War sites, is entering the final stages of shooting. We have one more haunted location to investigate/shoot this month, then we start editing the film. We expect to release the film this summer, so stay tuned for information regarding screenings, the television premier, and the DVD release.

2. Paranormal Inc will be featured in the magazine Haunted Times in the next issue. As part of our movie, we shot at a location called the Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois. While there, we captured amazing photographic evidence of the haunting there, as well as killer EVP's and video. The article is basically about that investigation, as well as the movie. If you can't find the issues on the shelves when it hits, you can pick up a copy of the mag, as well as subscribe (well worth the money) at their website.

3. Our overnight program is in full effect! The Magnolia Manor overnight sold out and our Lemp Mansion overnight is well on the way (there are two rooms left, so if you are interested, contact us ASAP at Remember, we make no monies off our overnight program, the cost is for the room and any other events scheduled during the investigation/stay. There will be several more of these events coming up in the near future.

4. My book Haunted Memphis is now finished and on the way to the publisher. I am expecting an early fall release for the book (to correspond with Halloween I'm sure), but I will keep everyone up to date on that as I get more news. There will be several release/signings in the Memphis area--and the book will be sold on this site as well as common retailers (

There will be more news coming very soon, including information regarding a possible television series, as well as updates concerning our current projects. In the meantime, this is the time of year where we like to figure out our next group of investigations. If you have a suggestion, feel free to send it my way. Just remember, Paranormal Inc is based out of Memphis, Tennessee so the shorter the drive, the better...

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