Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Paranormal Inc Hits New Orleans

So we've returned from our trip to New Orleans and we have a LOT of evidence to go over. We're talking tons of audio, video, photos, etc. As you probably know, NOLA has more haunted locations than (probably) any other city in the United States, so visiting (much less investigating) all of them is simply impossible on one trip. But that's a good thing; we always want a reason to return to such a fun city!

That said, we did do four major investigations there: Bourbon Orleans, Creole Gardens B&B, Le Pavillon Hotel and Dauphine Orleans. And we got to visit and meet with quite a few other haunts (and hopefully pave the way for a few future investigations), meet with a few paranormal groups there and participate in one of the haunted tours that's offered (a great way to orient yourself).

In other news, stay tuned to our website over the next few weeks; we will be announcing a major overnight event that you will not want to miss! And did you join our Facebook group yet (just click on the banner in the sidebar)? We will be using Facebook to announce more events in the near future--and you can see more videos and photos from our investigations than what's posted here.

While we are going over the evidence from New Orleans, we thought you'd like to see a little 'compilation video' of our trip. I didn't shoot video at EVERY haunted location we went to, but there are quite a few of them in this video. So sit back and enjoy a haunted tour of New Orleans with Paranormal Inc!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Ghosts of War Update and Trailer

With a couple of re-shoots under our belt, we are now fully editing the finished product of Ghosts of War--our documentary shot in conjunction with Elsinore Productions (www.elsinoreproductions.com) in Memphis, Tennessee. We have been getting emails almost daily concerning the film and its release, so I thought I'd get a 'quick' trailer for the movie up and running.

I made this trailer using a website called Animoto; they specialize in making 'slide show' type videos using music, photos and small video clips. I met these guys while attending the SXSW Film Festival and loved their product, so I thought this would be a great way to plug their service (something you can use as well at their website), as well as get a trailer for the movie out there for folks to watch.

At this point, it looks like we'll be ready for limited screenings of the movie (at the locations where we shot the film) in the Feb/March time frame; we will also be putting the documentary in several film festivals at that time. After that, we hope to screen the movie on television (we've been talking with Syfy and the Travel Channel) and then release the movie on DVD/BluRay (we will sell those on our website, as well as online retailers like Amazon).

So, that said, here is the Animoto styled trailer for Ghosts of War. Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Case Files: Magnolia Hill B&B

This Queen Anne styled bed and breakfast dates back to 1900 (though construction actually began on the place in 1895) and it was the home of Confederate Captain Charles Moore Sr. He built the place on the grounds of the Civil War battle in Helena, Arkansas (this area was where the Union soldiers held their ground as they fought the entrenched Rebel army--and eventually won the battle) and he lived in the house until 1939.

The place was then converted briefly into a Presbyterian church before being used as a USO club during World War II. After that, the place became a home again (for the Moore and Tardy families) until it was converted into a B&B in 1992.

Over the years, tales of Magnolia Hill being haunted have circulated the area--as well as appearing in a segment of the locally shot show Extreme Ghost Hunters. We decided to make the investigation of this house a 'joint effort,' so members of the Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators and The Ellisville Mississippi Paranormal Society joined us for this event (as well as an investigator-in-training from Arkansas named Lisa).

Over the course of the investigation, we (Paranormal Inc) had several personal experiences (if you want to read about the other groups' experiences, visit their websites as well). While performing an EMF session in the basement, we had a great yes/no session using a cell sensor EMF detector (you can listen to the audio below). It was indicated in this session that the entity in the basement was a Union soldier who was trapped in the home. Interestingly, the entire session kicked off with the spirit banging a bucket in the room to get our attention (audio below).

Since the house was built on the site of a battle, we decided to do a short bit of investigating outside as well. We did broad EMF sweeps, some EVP work and snapped a lot of infrared photos. Unfortunately, nothing came from this portion of the investigation.

Once we turned in for the night (Mike and I stayed in the room called The Fuscia Room) we also had a personal experience there. We were pretty much knocked out when the door to the bathroom within the room jerked and banged violently. We both woke up and investigated the sounds, but nobody was present in the room with us. This was a great occurrence because it backed up claims that others have had while staying in this room.

Review of the audio data collected at Magnolia Hill revealed several EVP's (some of which you can listen to below) and documented several of the personal experiences that happened as well (such as the bucket moving and the EMF session). Listening to the audio suggests that there are two separate voices captured--including a small child (most likely male) and a female. This is in addition, of course, to the soldier thought to trapped in the basement.

I highly recommend visiting Magnolia Hill B&B for a great weekend in Helena, Arkansas. The lodging and food is excellent and the spirits there are extremely tame in nature. The place also makes a great location to do some exploring from; there are many historic homes and sites in the area that are well worth the visit.

Audio Evidence:

Audio Clip 1: This was recorded in the basement prior to performing an EMF yes/no session. You will hear a bucket get banged to get our attention. The bucket actually moved and this sound was witnessed by both members of P.I., Tony of TEMPS and Kermit (one of the inn keepers).

Audio Clip 2: This is the entire EMF session from the basement. Warning: It's long! Sometimes it takes 'working with' the spirit to get enough energy going to get a response. But once it begins (as you'll see here), you can get some great results. Again, this session was performed with both members of P.I., Tony of TEMPS and Kermit present.

EVP1: This was captured as we were leaving the basement to investigate the first floor of the house. You will hear a female voice--this is the EVP. There were no females in this area.

EVP2: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. You'll hear a female response to Paula (a member of TEMPS).

EVP3: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. You'll hear Lisa (investigator-in-training) ask a question then a strange, echoing voice that sounds like a young child yelling. Interestingly, at the time, I was investigating outside and never heard a thing--nor does Lisa or Mike react to the sound.

EVP4: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. You hear Mike ask for any entities present to tap on something and there is a response.

EVP5: This was captured in an upstairs bedroom. The room is empty, but you can hear what sounds like a female humming.

EVP6: This was captured in the Fuscia Room where we slept. At the time the room was empty as we were investigating outside. You'll hear a little tapping sound, then a female or young child laugh.

EVP7: This odd EVP was captured in the living room area. It sounds like a male moan, then a thump. At the time, the entire house was asleep for the night.

Unfortunately, no video or photographic evidence was captured at this investigation. Stay tuned as we post our findings from our investigation at the Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, Tennessee!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Get Ready for October!

It's that haunted month of the year and Paranormal Inc has a lot going on! If you've been following the production of our film Ghosts of War, you know that the movie is currently in post-production and preparing for a Fall/Winter release. With any luck (and a lot of hard work) we may be able to squeeze in a screening or two in October--but, most likely, it will have to be November. But, hey, we want a quality film release--and you want to watch a quality movie, right?

So, what do we have going on? How about a haunted trip to the infamous Woodruff Fontaine House in Memphis, TN on October 30th? That night is a Friday--and, of course, the day before Halloween--so you've got to come out and support this event. Paranormal Inc, along with the staff of the house, will be offering three haunted tours of the premises (7pm, 8pm and 9pm).

Each tour will kick off with a presentation of the evidence and first-hand accounts of the paranormal activity that happened at this house during our investigation there. The tour will then travel throughout the house to see the exhibitions on display, as well as visit the hot spots where the ghostly tales have taken place over the years. Guests of the tour will be able to wrap the evening up in the Woodruff Fontaine carriage house where there will be $5 appetizer plates offered (includes a free glass of wine!). The tour itself is only $10, so don't miss out on this chance to visit one of Memphis' most notorious haunted locations. All proceeds go to the renovations and upkeep of the house, so you will also be contributing to a very good cause.

Paranormal Inc will also be offering another ghost hunting class at the University of Memphis the week before Halloween (Oct 23 and 24). You can visit their website to enroll for the class. In addition to learning the basics of conducting a successful ghost hunt, the class will get to visit one of Memphis' oldest haunted locations: Brister Library. Students of the course will get to preview new innovations in the field of ghost hunting, as well as learn how to properly use the standard equipment used throughout the field. The class is only $69 and will leave you able and willing to start your own paranormal group, as well as get your first case.

Lastly, Paranormal Inc will be visiting one of Missouri's most obscure haunted locations: The Minton House in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Known for eerie tales of haunted tunnels beneath the home (a location where slaves were hidden in route north to escape slavery), as well as the spirits of the home's former inhabitants (the house was used as the operations of a pro-Union newspaper during the Civil War), this location should prove an interesting addition to the stories already being told in the movie Ghosts of War. With any luck, and some quality investigating, we hope to get good evidence of this haunting so we can feature it as an 'Extra' on the Ghosts of War DVD.

Stay tuned to this website for more future events and happenings from Paranormal Inc. If you have a suggestion for us, or are interested in being involved, drop us a line at info@paranormalincorporated.com.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Original Springs Hotel

The oldest portions of this unique hotel date back to 1892 when the place was built to replace the original spa/farm that existed on the property that had burned down. Since 1867, the owners of the property (the place changed hands several times) had been drawing visitors to the area with the hopes that the spring water there would provide medicinal help to those who drank it. For years, hundreds of folks visited and did just that--they drank from the springs and word got around that the water there was good!

Today, there still exists a spa on the premises that offers different types of massages, as well as pedicures and manicures (not to mention the spring water that still flows). There's also a nice bar/restaurant called the Boiler Room on the site that has great drinks and food. But the Original Springs Hotel has more than just these amenities to offer visitors--it is believed that as many as three spirits roam the halls of this hotel.

When Mike, Brandon and I visited the Original Springs we learned from the night shift desk clerk that sightings of the spirits there had occurred as recently as the week before our arrival. A guest staying in one of the rooms had witnessed the apparition of a woman standing near the soda machines beside the pool. This was not something she had been expecting while going for a Coke! According to the clerk, this female apparition has been seen many times in that area over the years.

Other ghosts seen within the hotel include a second (or possibly the same) female who is often seen peering from the top floor windows (specifically, the ones that overlook the pool) and a male Civil War era soldier that is often seen around the Boiler Room. Additional activity experienced within the Original Springs includes seeing shadow shapes (usually in the hallways and within rooms), hearing voices and being overwhelmed with the feeling of being watched.

After we loaded our gear into our rooms at the hotel, we did our usual walkthrough to identify where the hot spots were, then we got into some EVP/EMF work around the pool area. It didn't take long for us to find a strange EMF spike on a small set of steps in the second floor hallway--a hallway that not only looks over the pool, but is also directly above the soda machines where the female apparition is usually seen. This spike soon turned into one of the best question-and-answer EMF sessions we have ever had at a haunted location. While we performed the session, we video and audio recorded the entire affair.

Once this was over, we did some more work in the portion of the hotel that is said to be the oldest (the Original Springs had had many renovations and new areas added over the years). Then we retired to our rooms for the night--audio and video rolling.

Once our review of the evidence was over we found that, in addition to the EMF session, we had captured one great EVP. It occurred right when we were leaving the stairs/hall area and were finished with the EMF session. This EVP is included at the end of the video shown below. As you watch the video, you'll notice that I am holding a small digital audio recorder in my hand; this is the device that captured the EVP. It appears that the apparition we were talking with did not want us to leave!

Due to the size of the video (Warning: It is 17 minutes long!) I uploaded the video to Facebook. You can watch the video embedded from there below. You can get more information regarding the history and haunting of the Original Springs Hotel at the hotel's website, or by visiting Troy Taylor's website. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rest Inn Peace-The Parlor B&B Investigation

You hear it a number of times in the field: 'We have a subtle haunting.' For a lot of ghost hunters--especially those who are simply thrill seekers--this is exactly the type of information they do not want to hear. They want LOUD and OBVIOUS signs that a place is haunted. When they visit or investigate a place that has a timid or weak entity living within--and they don't get any definitive evidence (probably because they were busy talking and cutting up throughout their entire investigation)--they declare the place to simply not be haunted. Even when this contradicts the information given to them by the owners/inhabitants of the place--people who have oftentimes lived their entire lives within the location and know the place more intimately.

The Parlor Bed and Breakfast in Ironton, Missouri has just such a haunting. The stories told there are not the stuff of horror movies or books that feature the Warrens. They have a spirit within the house--and though they have seen and heard her on occasion--the spirit typically likes to stay in the background and avoid folks there. But make no mistake, the Parlor is, indeed, haunted!

While Mike and I were enroute to the Parlor, the entire Ironton area of Missouri suddenly came under attack from several tornadoes. We dodged broken trees and branches--as well as traffic--all the way there. Once we arrived and met with the owners of the house, Jeannette Schrum and Robert Halket, we learned that we would be without power for the night. This was great as far as we were concerned--until we figured out that half the neighborhood would be firing up loud generators that evening! But this was a logistical problem we quickly overcame.

After we settled into our rooms, Jeannette told us about their experiences within the house--most of which involved a female apparition who had been spotted in the kitchen on a couple occassions. Other stories involved voices in the upstairs area, electronic Christmas ornaments that seemed to be activated by nobody and a doorbell known to ring itself! Though this female is the most prominent spirit in the house (and thought to be the grandmother of Jeannette), there is also thought to be at least one more entity there as well.

During our actual investigation of the Parlor B&B, we seemed to always be a step behind the spirits there. You could hear the movement of objects in empty rooms, but when you approached the area everything would cease. But this is why we have audio recorders! Thankfully, we had our usual array of electronic devices scattered throughout the house for the evening. Mike spent the night in the 'Franklin Room' of the house--an area known for objects being moved. I stayed in the 'Waterfall Room' where voices have been reported over the years.

No evidence was gathered in the Franklin Room (though Mike did have a couple personal experiences there), but I had many instances recorded in the Waterfall Room where it sounded like a drawer was being slightly moved, or objects on the dresser/nightstand were shifted or banged. After examining all the evidence from the Parlor, nothing was found in the way of photos or video. We did, however, have several interesting EVP's, though...

EVP1: This was captured in the living room while we were still investigating. While staking out the area of the kitchen where the apparition was seen, we caught what sounds like a female speaking. There were no females in our team that night.

EVP2: This was captured in the Waterfall Room while I was sleeping. It sounds like a female humming a tune, then if you keep listening, there is a bang--just an example of the twelve bangs I recorded in that room that evening.

EVP3: This was also captured in the Waterfall Room while I was sleeping. There's a few things going on here. First you'll hear the sound of a loud bang in the room and me gasping as it wakes me up. Right after, you'll hear a female voice make a noise. Clearly, she wanted me to notice her that night!

All in all, the Parlor B&B is a great place to visit--ghosts aside. Jeannette will regale you with her tales of the history and haunting of this wonderful house, as well as serve you up a piece of her awesome carrot cake (a recipe handed down from the very grandmother who is thought to now inhabit the place). Check out the Parlor's website for more info on reserving a room there and visiting. I highly recommend staying in the Waterfall Room...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ghosts of War Update

With only one re-shoot left for us at the Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois, our movie Ghosts ofWar is now moving into post-production. We will be editing the film over the remainder of July and most of August in order to make an early Fall/Halloween release. There will be local premieres of the movie held in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi (held in conjunction with the locations featured in the movie). For those of you who have been following the production of the movie, you probably know the majority of these places--with the exception of our most recent shoot in Kentucky.

Over the past weekend, the Paranormal Inc team travelled to Franklin, Kentucky to investigate (and shoot production footage) at the infamous Octagon Hall. Folks in the paranormal community have been visiting this location for years to catch a glimpse of poor Mary Elizabeth--a young girl who was fatally burned in the home's kitchen basement. Many groups have had success at this location (if you Google the place, you'll come across some great EVP's and photos) and we hope to do the same. We will be reviewing the footage/evidence from Octagon Hall over the next weeks. What most people probably don't know, though, is that Octagon Hall is also a significant location with relevance to the Civil War. This history, along with the paranormal activity that happens here, will make for a great sequence in the movie.

Stay tuned to this website for a trailer of the movie early in August--as well as a loose schedule involving screenings of the film, any television premieres and the official date for the release of the movie to DVD. As for Paranormal Inc, we will be posting our findings for several other investigations soon--including our visit to the Lehmann House in St. Louis MO, the Carter House in Franklin TN, and the North Panola County Hospital in Sardis MS...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Learn Ghost Hunting with P.I. at U of M

Join Paranormal Inc's Rich Newman for a Ghost Hunting class at the University of Memphis. Here are the details from the university's webpage:

You've seen them on TV; now enter their world. Learn how to find, explore, and investigate haunted locations with the equipment used by famous paranormal investigators. We'll talk about techniques they use to gather audio, video, and photographic evidence in the field with specific focus on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), infrared video, and full-spectrum photos. We'll also cover how to create and manage your own paranormal group, including setting up your first investigation. Open to high school students. Class will meet July 17 (7-9pm), July 18 (9am-12pm), and July 19 (9am-12pm).

In addition to getting eight hours of personal instruction, using cutting-edge ghost hunting technology, we will even be visiting a haunted location on the university campus--an area usually off-limits to ghost hunters. The class will also get to review actual case files from Paranormal Inc, as well as evidence gathered at those cases.

If you're interested in signing up for the class, just visit the University of Memphis' Professional & Continuing Education webpage and sign up. Here is the direct link for the class. You do not have to be a current U of M student--the class is open to everyone, including high school students.

If you have questions about the class, or need more info about enrollment, etc., contact me at info@paranormalincorporated.com.

Posted by Rich Newman

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Basin Park Hotel Investigation

The Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a destination that's been almost tailor-made for paranormal investigators. Besides the fact that this hotel is marketed as being the 'sister hotel' to the infamous Crescent Hotel, the place openly accepts--and promotes--the fact that it, too, is a haunted location. They offer a ghost tour conducted on the premises and you can book your room there as part of their 'Paranormal Pair' package that will allow you to stay at the Crescent and Basin Park for one significantly lower price than if you had booked the stays separately.

But is the Basin Park really haunted?

I took the ghost tour offered at the hotel--it seemed necessary if for no other reason than to identify the 'hot spots' of the place. Information regarding the haunting at this hotel is few and far between, so the more I could learn about the place, the better. During the tour, I learned that I was staying in one of the 'haunted rooms' there (this wasn't news to me, I had asked for the room with the most activity) which is Room 307. Other rooms that reputedly experienced a lot of activity included Rooms 308, 407, and 408 (an interesting fact since they were essentially the same two rooms on two different floors and located directly above/below each other).

Stories involving entities there included a man in a cowboy hat known to walk through rooms (into the walls no less), children who played in the hallways, and a female spirit that is said to visit patrons in the before mentioned rooms. She is known to move things around, to talk during the night, etc. It was with this information that I retired to my room ready to investigate.

Over the course of the night, I took several hundred infrared photographs (they revealed nothing), kept several EMF detectors going (including a cell sensor, a K2 and an analog Gauss Meter), and I ran a constant audio recorder--which actually produced a couple of interesting things...

Once I bedded down for the night at a pretty late hour I had not experienced anything paranormal; there were no significant spikes on any of the EMF meters, no strange sounds or sights, and nothing that would suggest that anybody or anything was in the room with me other than myself! Once I fell asleep though, I found myself waking up at almost regular fifteen minute intervals. I didn't realize what was causing this until I listened to the audio. It seemed that as soon as I started getting into some sound sleep, something would make a loud thump or bang in the room, waking me up. This is an example of this happening (there were eight instances of this caught on audio).

Review of the audio would also produce a couple of other nice pieces of evidence. While I was away from the room grabbing some dinner before my ghost tour, the recorder actually captured the sounds of somebody walking through my room--creaky floorboards and all. This was one of the occurrences that was specifically mentioned during the tour. It was especially odd because nobody else was staying in that part of the hotel (I visited during December and there were few to no guests in the entire place at all) and there is no indication of a door to the room opening/closing prior to or after the captured sound.

The last thing that was caught, was the brief sound of a voice coming from within my empty room (this actually happened while I was on the tour). Though it's not enough to tell definitively whether or not the speaker is/was a female, it is arguable.

So, again, is the Basin Park really haunted?

Probably so. Who am I to argue with the experiences of those who work and live in the hotel on a daily basis? Other than the audio I recorded, I caught nothing that would suggest the place has a lot of activity--but then a lot of hauntings are subtle things. They're not all about an apparition appearing before you and yelling, "Here I am!" Sometimes we have to pay attention to see and hear what's going on around us.

I personally look forward to revisiting the Basin Park Hotel in the future at some point and investigating the place again--hopefully more thoroughly and in more locations than just Room 307.

Posted by: Rich Newman
Contact Rich at info@paranormalincorporated.com

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Get Your Haunted Times!

The newest issue of Haunted Times magazine is out! Pick up the issue and check out the Paranormal Inc article inside concerning our investigation of the Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois. In addition to getting the skinny on the haunting and history of the location, the article features one of the key pieces of evidence we captured there: A photograph of a full-bodied apparition appearing before our very eyes (and floating three feet off the ground).

The editors of the magazine felt the photograph was the image of one of the long deceased Eldred daughters who passed away on the premises, though we felt the image was more indicative of the spirit of a Native American who is associated with haunting the front yard area of the home, but that's okay. We welcome and respect all knowledgeable opinions!

Since this is good news, I thought this might be a great opportunity to talk about some of the awesome things that will be coming up for Paranormal Inc in the next few months (besides the completion of the movie Ghosts of War).

New investigations. With six new investigations happening in six different states over the summer, there will be plenty to talk about! We have hand-picked these locations for their great history and their high probability for results--we just hope we can continue our success at gathering evidence and providing more information and insight into the haunting of these locations.

New overnights. Now that we've gotten one under our belt (and have an idea of what works and what doesn't) we will be offering a couple new overnights with Paranormal Inc that will be open to the public over the summer. And the best part is: They will be (relatively) inexpensive, they will feature new ghost hunting technology, and they will be in extremely haunted locations! Stay tuned to get updates on these soon.

New articles. Look for more of Paranormal Inc in Haunted Times, as well as several new articles hitting this website in the next few weeks that feature two of our recent investigations: The Lehmann House in St. Louis, Missouri and the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Don't forget you can subscribe to this website by using the links in the sidebar--that way you won't miss out on the limited space for the overnights. Happy Hunting!

Posted by: Rich Newman
Contact Rich at info@paranormalincorporated.com

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lemp Mansion-Story of a Haunting

Here's a question that I get quite often: "How do you really know when a place is haunted?" Answer: "When it consistently generates paranormal activity that cannot be explained by conventional means, but fits the typical 'haunted profile'." The key word here is 'consistently.' This brings us to the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri.

Lemp has been called one of the most haunted places in America, if not the world, and has been featured in numerous television programs and books--even if the exact story of the mansion and Lemp family seems to be debatable; there are many alternate stories/histories of the mansion and the Lemp family that have been provided by 'psychics' or 'sensitives,'--which, in my opinion, can immediately be thrown out. Paranormal Inc only deals in facts and proof--and until a 'psychic' is willing to go through the necessary steps to prove to our team that they are, indeed, actually psychic, we will always dismiss them.

Psychic aside, though, many investigators have made their rounds through the Lemp mansion and came back with numerous tales to tell. EVP's, photographs and personal experiences seem to top the list in regard to evidence--another characteristic of Lemp that is pervasive; if you Google the mansion, you will get many photos of paranormal activity in the place--something that is simply not the norm in a haunted location. Investigators sometimes go, well, forever without getting a great photo of a haunting (orbs, dust and moisture aside).

This brings us to our photo (shown above). While scouting the Lemp mansion for a future overnight/investigation, Brandon and I decided to do a quick lap around the house and take a tour of the inside to get a feel of the place. During this trip we snapped a lot of photos. The photo that was taken above was done in the side parking lot of the place. I snapped one photo (actually because I wanted the Lemp logo for a future article), took a step to my left, and then snapped a second photo.

The first photo came out perfectly normal. It's a house with nothing in any window. The second photo, however, gave me the picture shown above. If you look at the top set of windows, the second window from the left now has a light in it. The light was not there literally two seconds before in the first picture. Also--if you look carefully--there appears to be the face of what appears to be a girl around the light. There is even the hint of a white dress/clothing under the face/light. Mind you, that this photo was taken during an extremely short visit to the Lemp mansion in broad daylight--with a cell phone!

Is the Lemp mansion haunted? Hundreds of seasoned investigators say yes. For us at Paranormal Inc, the answer will be gotten soon. Lemp is one of the ten new locations that we will be tackling in 2009. Stay tuned for our investigation results from the infamous Lemp mansion--as well as the Lehmann house in St. Louis, which will be the next location featured by us on this site.

Posted by: Rich Newman
Contact Rich at info@paranormalincorporated.com

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Magnolia Manor Overnight a Success

What makes an overnight event a success? How about taking a great, professional group of people--all interested in learning and investigating the paranormal--and putting them in a wonderfully haunted location: Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN.

After a quick meet-and-greet and tour of the premises, the overnight group participated in a quick class on performing Live EVP sessions (and the realm of the infrasonic) and shooting video/photographs in UV/IR. We then buckled down for a night of investigating. Magnolia Manor has already been investigated twice by the Paranormal Inc team for the upcoming film Ghosts of War (still in production--though only two locations are left to shoot!) so individual hot spots were easily identified.

Over the course of the evening, there were several personal experiences that happened to the team:

1. A set of motion detectors were set off in the 1849 Room of the B&B near a wardrobe that is known for activity (one of the entities in the home tends to 'play' with the hangars inside and bangs them against the sides). This was followed up with a great K2 session that produced some good hits/results.

2. Immediately following the K2 session, two members of the Mississippi Society of Paranormal Investigators experienced hits on their K2 in Annie's Room--almost as if the spirit moved from one room into the adjoining room. There was actually an EVP captured at this moment as well (listed in the evidence below).

3. Over the course of the evening, an adult female voice was heard twice in the C.A. Miller Suite and a young, female voice was heard twice in the old Slave Quarters that is now converted into a cottage at the rear of the house.

4. While team members were working outside the Austin Miller Suite, a cell sensor EMF detector managed to turn itself off inside the room. Upon investigation, the button was actually turned off--it was not a case of bad/drained batteries.

5. At one point, small balls of green light were seen on the ceiling of the first floor (just under the floor of Annie's Room). These are sometimes called 'Sprite Lights' and they usually precede activity in an area. Very true in this case (see evidence).

6. Members of The Ellisville Mississippi Paranormal Society witnessed what looked like a male entity enter the C.A. Miller Suite during the night. Mistaking the spirit for a Paranormal Inc team member, they spoke aloud to the 'person' but there was nobody there at that point.

7. Team members sleeping in the 1849 Room experienced something touching their feet during the night as they slept.

There were more experiences than just these...though these are probably the most dramatic. Since the investigation, Paranormal Inc has been reviewing the data gathered at the overnight trip (and this is probably not the only evidence that will emerge, since the other participants gathered their own audio/video data as well). Several great EVP's came out of the investigation...

EVP1: This was captured in the C.A. Miller Suite during a Live EVP session with Cindy and Lisa from Missouri. Lisa asks, "Can you do anything at all to show me that you're here?" She is answered with a loud thump.

EVP2: This was captured in Annie's Room. After a great K2 session in the 1849 Room (see above) the entity moved into this room. You'll hear an EVP of a laugh just before investigators of MSPI note their K2 meter is going off.

EVP3: This was captured in Annie's Room. You'll hear an investigator ask, "Do you live here?" There is a female response that sounds like, "Doesn't everything?", though it could be something else that is said. What do you think?

EVP4: This was captured in Annie's Room. The room is actually empty at this point. You'll hear a dog bark then a female voice say something.

EVP5: This was captured in Annie's Room. Investigators Donna and Jamie from Missouri are performing an EVP session. They get a response.

EVP6: This was captured in Annie's Room. You'll hear an investigator ask, "Do you wanna laugh with us?" The entity laughs in response. Can't beat that...

EVP7: This was captured in Annie's Room. You'll hear an investigator speak, then a strange whispered response.

As mentioned above, the investigation/overnight was a success--though sometimes it doesn't always seem to be going well during the actual investigation. Investigating the paranormal is a strange affair: Sometimes it seems you're getting no evidence and that nothing significant is happening, then you get back to the office and discover you have a wealth of evidence. This is simply the way things are, so we must always exercise patience and be professional!

That said, Paranormal Inc is hosting another overnight on Saturday, April 11 at the infamous Lemp Mension in St. Louis, Missouri. We still have two rooms available that we need to fill! If you're interested in joining us, get more details by emailing Mike Uelsmann (one of our team members). Remember: All costs of an event go to paying for the room you are staying in and for the activities planned for that evening. Paranormal Inc makes no money from our overnight events!

Posted by: Rich Newman
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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring News and Events

Things are going well for us at Paranormal Inc and we thought we'd take the time to mention some of the great news and events that are going on right now...

1. Our upcoming movie Ghosts of War, a film about local, haunted Civil War sites, is entering the final stages of shooting. We have one more haunted location to investigate/shoot this month, then we start editing the film. We expect to release the film this summer, so stay tuned for information regarding screenings, the television premier, and the DVD release.

2. Paranormal Inc will be featured in the magazine Haunted Times in the next issue. As part of our movie, we shot at a location called the Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois. While there, we captured amazing photographic evidence of the haunting there, as well as killer EVP's and video. The article is basically about that investigation, as well as the movie. If you can't find the issues on the shelves when it hits, you can pick up a copy of the mag, as well as subscribe (well worth the money) at their website.

3. Our overnight program is in full effect! The Magnolia Manor overnight sold out and our Lemp Mansion overnight is well on the way (there are two rooms left, so if you are interested, contact us ASAP at info@paranormalincorporated.com). Remember, we make no monies off our overnight program, the cost is for the room and any other events scheduled during the investigation/stay. There will be several more of these events coming up in the near future.

4. My book Haunted Memphis is now finished and on the way to the publisher. I am expecting an early fall release for the book (to correspond with Halloween I'm sure), but I will keep everyone up to date on that as I get more news. There will be several release/signings in the Memphis area--and the book will be sold on this site as well as common retailers (Amazon.com).

There will be more news coming very soon, including information regarding a possible television series, as well as updates concerning our current projects. In the meantime, this is the time of year where we like to figure out our next group of investigations. If you have a suggestion, feel free to send it my way. Just remember, Paranormal Inc is based out of Memphis, Tennessee so the shorter the drive, the better...

Posted by: Rich Newman
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Woodruff Fontaine Investigation

When paranormal investigators think of 'famous' Memphis ghosts, they usually bring up Mary of the Orpheum Theatre and Mollie of the Woodruff Fontaine house. We had the pleasure of investigating the latter last fall and was amazed by the amount of activity in this home-turned-living-museum. Because of some negative comments made about this location by one of Memphis' more wacko 'investigation' groups, I wanted to document our visit to the house and the evidence that we captured there as well.

While touring the home, prior to the actual investigation, we were shown several 'hot spots' where folks had experienced paranormal phenomena. These included the downstairs parlor (where an employee had had a necklace ripped from her), the second floor bedroom (known as Mollie's room or the 'Rose Room'), and the stairs leading from the first to the second floor (where witnesses over the years have reported hearing the sounds of a female crying). During our tour, we actually experienced sudden/sporadic EMF hits just outside Mollie's bedroom (3.7mg and higher)--and an inspection of the surrounding area produced no 'leakage' from any wires in the floor, ceiling, or walls either.

The actual investigation followed the tour. This involved using a barrage of Digital8 and MiniDV video cameras, audio recorders, and multiple hand held devices (EMF detectors, digital thermometers, NightShot still cameras, etc). Over the course of the next three hours of investigation, we actually had several first-hand experiences in the home:

1. After hearing that Mollie likes to sit on the bed in her old room, we made sure the bed covers were pulled tight across the bed. We periodically checked in on the status of the bed to see if it had been disturbed. About halfway through the investigaton, we actually discovered a deep impression in the covers as if someone had sat on the bed. This is a bed, mind you, that is roped off from the public. All three investigators were together throughout the investigation and accounted for. So who sat on the bed?

2. Across the hall from Mollie's room, Mike and I both witnessed small, green balls of light dancing along the ceiling adjacent to the Eastern wall. This happened for about 2-3 seconds. The lights seemed to disappear into the ceiling.

3. While inspecting the depression on the bed in Mollie's room, I actually heard the chair beside the bed move. Upon inspection, the chair had shifted about 2 inches to the right. This sound was caught by an audio recorder in the room.

4. Since the basement of the home seemed to have no activity, we decided to 'base' operations out of there. While video was recording throughout the house, we prepared other equipment in the basement. While down there, Mike actually heard a wooden bench beside a piano creak as if someone sat down in it. This sound was captured on audio, as well as an interesting EVP we will talk about in a minute...

Once the investigation was over, the real work began: Reviewing all the data captured at the house. In addition to this, I decided to research the home at the Memphis Public Library. Both would turn up interesting evidence...

Upon researching archived newspaper articles, we discovered that a paranormal researcher had investigated WF during the 80's. During this investigation, he was able to substantiate the presence of a female on the second floor of the house--and interestingly--a male presence that seemed to be on the first and third floors. It was also determined that this male presence was not a nice entity. This was the first mention of any male being in the home that we had heard of. This was, of course, before we had finished reviewing our audio...

During our review, we got numerous EVP's of a female on the second floor of the house--mostly around Mollie's room (naturally). And by numerous, I mean over twenty! We also captured several EVP's of a male on the first floor. Could this be the 'mean' presence discovered in the 80's? Or the same entity that tore the necklace from a Woodruff employee's neck? In addition to this audio, we also got one great piece of video (posted below). This was a Digital8 camera that was running in Mollie's room while we all planned and schemed in the basement. If you listen closely, you'll hear what sounds like old-time music playing in the background. Naturally, we did not have any music playing anywhere in the house.

Here are three EVP's for your review that we captured in the Woodruff Fontaine house:

EVP1: This was captured in the basement. Mike was telling me about the bench that creaked by the piano. He says, 'Do you like music?' You will hear a female say 'Yes.' There was no female in the basement at the time and the sound was not heard by the investigators present.

EVP2: This was captured in the first floor parlor around the area where the necklace was ripped off an employee. I asked, "Is there someone that likes to hang around here?" Listen close: Immediately after I ask the question, there is a quick whispered 'No.'

EVP3: This was captured just outside Mollie's room. You'll hear the male investigators talking. In the background you'll hear a female voice say, 'Hello.' This was not heard by the investigators at the time.

We at Paranormal Inc definitely know that the Woodruff Fontaine house is, indeed, haunted. And we have the proof! There are elements of an intelligent spirit (indicated by the 'hello' and sitting on the bed) and a residual haunting (the old music caught on video). The Woodruff Fontaine house offers tours to the public. Visit the home and decide for yourself. Even if the house didn't have a ghost (which it does--probably two), the place would be worth your visit.

Posted by: Rich Newman
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Overnight Program

Over the course of the next year, Paranormal Inc will be hosting a series of overnights at infamously haunted locations. Though a couple will be well known--like our current, upcoming overnight at the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis--most will be places that are not completely overblown with investigators and press. The first of these will be kicking off on March 7 at the Magnolia Manor in Bolivar, TN--a location we have investigated for out movie Ghosts of War and had phenomenal success at. But don't get too excited...the overnight at Magnolia Manor has already sold out! That said, we still have a couple rooms available at Lemp--note that I said a couple. We mean that literally! If you're interested in staying in one of the six rooms at the Lemp Mansion, as well as joining us for an investigation, give us a shout at info@paranormalincorporated.com. Here's the details regarding our trip to Lemp:

Paranormal Inc is visiting the historically haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. The evening is planned for Saturday, April 11. The cost per room is $240.00 (we have to charge per room, but you can split the cost with somebody else--2 per room only!). The cost is only slightly more than you'd pay to stay in the B&B on your own, and you will get so much more:

1. Since the place will be all Paranormal Inc attendees, we will have the run of the entire home without fear of disturbing other guests.

2. In addition to staying in one of the six haunted rooms, you will also get a free class on investigating the paranormal and advanced investigation techniques, a tour of the mansion, and access to our equipment (though we encourage everyone to bring their own cameras, audio recorders, etc.).

3. You will also be featured in the Elsinore Productions feature One Night in Lemp. The entire overnight investigation will be shot and made into a movie--and a copy of the finished movie will be included in the price and sent to you upon completion! A perfect souvenir of your trip to the Lemp Mansion.

Who can pass all this up? Remember, Lemp Mansion only has 6 rooms, so signing up for the overnight must be done ASAP if you want to make this trip.
There will be more overnight stays planned in the future for this year, and we will post those as they come up. We hope to see you at the Lemp Mansion!

Posted by: Rich Newman

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