Friday, December 12, 2008

Overnight in the Lemp Mansion Planned

This is the launch of our official Paranormal Inc overnight program. 4-5 times a year, we will plan an overnight in one of America's most haunted locations. Space will be limited (depending on the size of the location we are investigating/staying at) so remember it's FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! No complaining if you miss out! Typically, the cost of the overnight will include all fees associated with staying at the location, the use of any equipment we bring, and participation in the evening's activities.

That said, our first official night of fun will be at the historically haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. The evening is planned for Saturday, February 21. The cost per room is $240.00 (we have to charge per room, but you can have two people stay in one room, so you can split the cost!). The cost is only slightly more than you'd pay to stay in the B&B on your own, and you will get so much more:

1. Since the place will be all Paranormal Inc attendees, we will have the run of the entire home without fear of disturbing other guests.

2. In addition to staying in one of the five haunted rooms, you will also get a free class on investigating the paranormal and advanced EVP techniques, a tour of the mansion with a local and knowledgeable investigator familiar with the haunted history of Lemp, and access to our equipment (though we encourage everyone to bring their own cameras, audio recorders, etc.).

3. You will be featured in the Elsinore Productions feature One Night in Lemp. The entire overnight investigation will be shot and made into a movie--and a copy of the finished movie will be included in the price and sent to you upon completion! A perfect souvenir of your trip to the Lemp mansion.

Who can pass all this up? Remember, Lemp Mansion only has 5 rooms, so signing up for the overnight must be done ASAP if you want to make this trip. Contact me directly at for any additional info about this trip, or to sign up for the overnight.

Posted by: Rich Newman