Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paranormal Inc Trailer Up and Running!

After a Summer and early Fall of investigations, we have our new trailer for the show Paranormal Inc up and running. It's out there--YouTube, MySpace, MyPara, here, and on and on... Though we don't know what network we will end up on, or even the exact format the show will end up in, we are excited! This, coupled with the current production of Ghosts of War, our full length documentary about haunted Civil War sites, has gotten 'spirits' pretty high around here.

So, check out the trailer, leave a comment if you like, and stay tuned for our other upcoming projects. While watching the video, though, pay close attention to three pieces of evidence we included that we captured while investigating. The first is a phantom woman standing under a tree, the second is the fully formed apparition of an Indian (one we caught floating about three feet off the ground!), and the final shot is a ghost light that appeared for a few seconds at Devil's Backbone. Enjoy!

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