Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cave-In-Rock Investigation

The history of Cave-In-Rock is a checkered one at best. Though it is only a cave perched along the bluffs of the Ohio River, the place has housed a tavern, a casino, and a makeshift hotel/brothel. Travelers shuttling up and down the river would often stop at Wilson's Liquor Vault and House of Entertainment--the name of the place within the cave during the early 1800's-- to get their fill of fun and sin before continuing their journey.

During the years of operation, the tavern was the location of many a man's demise--and to make matters worse, Wilson (the owner) formed a group of robbers that pirated up and down the Ohio River intercepting ships outside his cave of ill repute. Because of this, it wasn't long before respectable folks knew to avoid the monster cave along the river.

Like most tales of this nature, it all ended with betrayal; once a reward was placed on Wilson's head, his own men did him in. When the authorities entered the cave during the aftermath, dozens of bodies were found in one of the chambers. The dark history of the cave continued, though, when yet another criminal named James Ford moved into the area. Of course, he eventually met his death there as well at the hands of vigilantes.

Cave-In-Rock continued to be the haven for many thieves, pirates, and killers over the years and it is this mark upon the ancient place that is the root of the haunting there.

Today, travelers moving up and down the Ohio River have reported the sounds of the old casino and tavern reverberating from the place--even though the place is now a state park and local attraction. It was with this knowledge that we took the Paranormal Inc team to Cave-In-Rock to investigate the haunting there.

At first glance, it would be assumed that the haunting of the cave is probably a 'residual' effect--meaning the sounds of the past have been recorded in the rock there and are simply being replayed for those who are able to hear them. During our investigation, though, this assumption was not made. Audio, video, and photography was utilized at the scene, in addition to the usual slew of equipment wielded by the investigators, in hopes of capturing the sounds of a haunting there.

Though no evidence of the haunting was actually captured by our equipment, at one point during the evening it did sound as if a male voice was heard from the rear of the cave. There was also several unusual EMF spikes captured there--spikes that should not be in a power-less cave. Does this mean Cave-In-Rock is haunted or not haunted? Who knows? Investigate the place for yourself; it is a perfect location for the beginner paranormal group since the cave is in the middle of a state park (and you can camp there) and you can simply walk over to the cave during the night to perform an investigation. Just be careful! We are talking about a cave perched alongside the cliff over a rather large river!

Send us your findings from Cave-In-Rock--we're more than happy to hear/see what all of you are getting out there. Happy investigating!

Posted by: Rich Newman