Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Eldred House

It looks like any number of houses along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers--an older, stone house built in a plantation style. Unlike most of the homes of this type, though, the Eldred House (in Eldred, Illinois) is said to still be occupied by any number of the folks who has died within the place in the last couple centuries.

Knowing the history of the place, we leaped at the chance to investigate this location. We had heard a local ghost hunting organization was planning a group trip to the site. We signed on, but once we got there, we pretty much broke off from the rest of the folks there and ran our own investigation using our own equipment and methods.

On this particular investigation Brandon and Mike were along with me (Rich). After getting a set of completely laughable driving instructions to the locale, we were late for the launch of the group investigation--but this turned out to be fine since we were planning on letting them do their own thing without us. The evening started off with a trip through the back yard (where a traveling salesman is said to be buried) and then into the basement.

Unfortunately, the Eldred House is struggling to stay in an upright position (since the tour was planned, part of the residence actually collapsed--even now the folks interested in preserving the location and its history are racing for the necessary funds to renovate and restore the house--check out the history of the place on their website), so many parts of the house could only be approached with extreme caution.

After we hit the basement, we concentrated the investigation on three places: The fenceline in front of the house where Indian remains were found (and the spirit of an Indian is said to roam), the attic of the house (where a girl named 'Alma' is supposed to reside), and the graveyard just down the way where the remains of the Eldred family lie. Many photographs, recordings (audio and video), and readings (digital thermometer and EMF detector) were taken over the course of the evening before camping in the yard for the night.

After a lengthy investigation (and hours of reviewing evidence), I can tell you without hesitation that something very strange is going on at the Eldred House. Though I don't want to spoil the episode of Paranormal Inc that will focus on this location (premiering this fall), I can tell you a few things about the place: We did get photographs (one sequence of an apparition materializing will blow you away) , we did get EVPs, and we did have personal experiences--experiences I will tell you about now.

While in the basement performing some EVP work in what is called the 'Cheese Room' (there's a giant stone slab table in the area that was used to make cheese) Brandon was touched by something or someone by the cheese table. A few moments later, I felt the same thing--it was almost as if something (or someone) was pushing into the back of my arm with a couple fingers with firm pressure. Later, while touring the attic of the house, Mike caught the faint sounds of a small girl laughing in the one of the back corners--this happening literally as our guide was telling us about the girl that supposedly roams the area named Alma.

The Eldred house is a great location--a great location with some great activity! Be sure to catch the Eldred House webisode of Paranormal Inc this fall!

Posted by: Rich Newman