Wednesday, June 11, 2008

National Ornamental Metal Museum-Memphis

With articles posted by a television station (WREG-TV) and the local paper, the Metal Museum in Memphis is considered one of the most haunted locations in the area. In the old days, the site was a military hospital and the grounds included a doctor's residence, a nurse's residence, officers' quarters, and the hospital itself. Today, the nurse's residence is a museum, the doctor's residence is a library for metalurgy, and the officers' quarters are where the apprentice blacksmiths live. The actual hospital is now fenced off and has been abandoned since the late 80's after the National Guard stopped using the location.

The haunted history of the place centers around the doctor's residence and the hospital. Leaving the hospital for another day, we decided to concentrate on the doctor's residence--now the library. The place was built in the late 1800's, but was recently renovated in order to meet building codes and to accommodate the library. The basement of the house used to be a small morgue for the resident doctors to work in and included a tunnel that connected the house to the hospital. During renovations, though, the tunnel was blocked off, the morgue chute was turned into stairs, and the house was overhauled to the tune of over a million dollars. During renovations, though, other things were happening as well...

Workers, supplied by the local prison no less, were terrified of the basement/morgue area and often fled from the area even though they were working during the day. Also, a museum employee was standing on the ground floor of the house surveying the improvements when she noticed a spectral face staring at her through a hole in the ceiling (the upper story's floors were being replaced). It was fueled with all this information, that we conducted our investigation of the doctor's residence.

The team included myself (Rich) and Mike, and we concentrated on the 2nd floor library area (where the spectral face was seen) and the basement (morgue) of the house. During the investigation, we had no personal experiences upstairs, but downstairs was a different story.

Almost immediately, after killing the lights and closing off the basement, I heard a faint 'Hey' come from one of the back rooms, followed by whispers. Soon, Mike also heard a 'Hey' from the same area. We placed a digital recorder in the room at this point. Approximately 30 minutes later, black shapes could be seen blotting out the light around the cracks of the door to the stairwell, followed by more black shapes in the hall and one of the back room. After an hour or so of EVP work, we decided to leave digital recorders running in the basement, along with a video camera, while we toured the rest of the grounds. We concluded the investigation around 2am, leaving the place with over two hours of video footage, about a hundred still photos, and almost six hours of audio.

Upon review of the data, we managed to find quite a few things. There were four clear EVP's that included three direct responses to questions: There was a whispered 'Hi' when I stated, 'This is your chance to talk to us' and there were also two responses made by a series of knocks (one was four knocks, one was three). There was also an EVP that was recorded in the upstairs library of a male voice that could be a 'Hello,' that was actually gotten when there was nobody in the house (we were being given the tour of the grounds at this point). We also got a video clip in the library that includes a second appearance of the male voice--though we can't tell what is being said.

With such great evidence, the Paranormal Inc team will most definitely be going back to the Metal Museum--and to the adjoining hospital that contains an even larger morgue area that is reputedly haunted as well. Until then...

We have attached a video that includes the three EVPs that were responses. The video of the place is simply a reference so you can see the room where the sounds were captured. The first sound you will hear is the 'Hi'--it is quite faint, so you will want to boost your volume after I say 'This is your chance to talk to us.' Then you will hear us talking followed by the two series of weird knocks. Enjoy!

Posted by: Rich Newman
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