Friday, May 23, 2008

Devils Backbone Part 2

After getting a lot of general feedback regarding the video clip from Devil's Backbone, I decided to enhance the audio and get a better/louder bit of audio. The new video clip here is the enhanced audio version of the recording from the old ruins. If you listen closely, you will hear the scream, a mumble/moan, then what sounds like a 'No' dragging out. Eerie. Keep in mind, that this is real audio, not an EVP! The reports from DB state that people hear screams from a girl during thunderstorms--not that people have recorded screams. To make things even stranger, it was, indeed, recorded during a thunderstorm that abruptly ended our investigation.

Again, there were no females at the site, in the area, or working on the team. Also, nobody actually heard the sounds live (even though we were less than thirty feet away). There is also a sizable difference in loudness between the audio recorded on the video camera, and the audio recorded on the digital recorder (which are barely 10 feet apart from each other--the digital recorder is actually visible on the video) which makes me believe the sound was extremely localized.

The last thing I'd like to mention is that it was pointed out to me by a Massachusettes paranormal research organization (name withheld) that the 'No' portion of the audio that sounds very cat-like is similar to the 'Hello' recording that the TAPS team recorded at the Stanley Hotel in a crawlspace that had similar qualities. After watching that episode again, I agree. Check out the enhanced audio...

Posted by: Rich Newman