Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Crescent Hotel

With things going well on the Ghosts of War front (the movie we are shooting about haunted Civil War sites), I took a break this past week and went on a mini-vacation to the infamous Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I also crashed for a night in another haunted, but lesser known, place there called the Basin Park Hotel, but I'll save that story for another day.

While at the Crescent, I managed to get a night in the, reputedly, most haunted room there: Room 218. This is the place where a worker supposedly fell to his death during the construction of the hotel. Legend says that his name was Michael and that he is often seen in that room. I also took the ghost tour there which allowed me to visit several other haunted locations in the hotel--primarily Room 419 that is known as Theodora's Room (this is the location that Grant of TAPS had his laptop moved on the show Ghost Hunters) and the basement/morgue area and infamous 'Locker #2' ( where an apparition was caught on a thermal camera--also of TAPS fame).

During my evening at the Crescent, I went through three audio recorders; the fresh batteries were continuously drained over the evening. The second victim was my Sony Nightshot camera. After a mere forty photos, it also went dead in the room. At this point, since I had provided whatever entity was in Room 218 with more than enough energy, I went on guard for literally anything to happen! It wasn't long before something did...

I was sitting on the bed with my cell-sensor EMF detector and a red-lens flashlight when the lamp beside the bed began to move. At first it was very slight, then the lampshape started violently shaking. This lasted about ten seconds. Soon, the sounds of very faint whispers started coming from the area of the dresser/chair at the end of the bed. Those, too, faded away pretty fast. Firing up an audio recorder with my last batch of batteries, I decided it was time to crash.

Over the course of the remainder of the evening, though, Michael wasn't finished. He decided to torture me over the rest of the night by banging a set of shutters that was inside the room against the window (the window is actually a set of doors that lead out onto a massive balcony overlooking the Ozarks--the shutters are inside the room so you can shut out the light if necessary). Sometimes the bangs were low and only captured on audio (but not waking me), sometimes the bangs were extremely loud bringing me quickly out of my sleep. I recorded six sets of bangs on the audio recorder, which fortuitously managed to record almost three hours of audio before also going dry on me.

It was definitely an interesting evening. Two other things happened there as well.

The first was early in the evening when I went to the upstairs bar in the hotel (named after Dr. Baker, the resident quack that operated there in the early 1900's). While standing in a small corridor just off the main hallway to look at a menu, I saw a black shape (about the size of an entire person) shoot by the end of the hall. I quickly went to the area of the mass and saw there was nobody there. This was a great start to my evening there!

The second thing happened the morning after my night in Room 218. I was on my way to the front desk when I noticed the room next to mine (216) had a towel and a strap from a bag hanging out of the bottom of the doorway into the hall. I went downstairs, loaded out some bags, and mentioned this occurrence to the bellhop. He said nobody was staying in Room 216, but his look said, "Yeah it's weird. What's new?." I shrugged and went back to my room for the remainder of my gear. When I passed 216 again, the strap was no longer there. Somebody or something had jerked it back into the room. Could this be the same spirit that moved Grant Wilson's bag against the back of his bedroom door at the Crescent? Who knows?

After reviewing my audio from our night there, I had several good EVP's and, of course, crystal clear audio of the banging of the shutters in the room! Take a listen...

EVP1: This was captured in Room 218 while nobody was there (we were actually at dinner). It is a female voice.

EVP2: This was also captured in Room 218. Again, we were out of the room--this time taking a ghost tour of the hotel. It sounds like a male voices says one word (one syllable), there's a pause, then he says, 'Hello.' Male voices in this room are usually associated with Michael.

EVP3: This was captured in Room 218 during the period I was awake and 'on guard.' The lamp had just moved and I was starting to hear something from the far corner of the room. It sounds like a voice.

EVP4: Another voice captured in Room 218. This one is definitely a female.

EVP5: This is not an EVP, actually. This is live audio as I most definitely heard it a number of times! You're going to hear an extremely violent and loud bang of the shutters in the room. You'll hear me wake up and ask, 'What was that?!' Listen here.

Visit the Crescent Hotel, get Room 218, and you will not be disappointed! The video below is a quick tour of that room--you can see where the lamp is that shook, the window that had shutters banged against it, and the chair that seemed to emanate whispers during the night. Cheers!

Posted by: Rich Newman

Friday, December 12, 2008

Overnight in the Lemp Mansion Planned

This is the launch of our official Paranormal Inc overnight program. 4-5 times a year, we will plan an overnight in one of America's most haunted locations. Space will be limited (depending on the size of the location we are investigating/staying at) so remember it's FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! No complaining if you miss out! Typically, the cost of the overnight will include all fees associated with staying at the location, the use of any equipment we bring, and participation in the evening's activities.

That said, our first official night of fun will be at the historically haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. The evening is planned for Saturday, February 21. The cost per room is $240.00 (we have to charge per room, but you can have two people stay in one room, so you can split the cost!). The cost is only slightly more than you'd pay to stay in the B&B on your own, and you will get so much more:

1. Since the place will be all Paranormal Inc attendees, we will have the run of the entire home without fear of disturbing other guests.

2. In addition to staying in one of the five haunted rooms, you will also get a free class on investigating the paranormal and advanced EVP techniques, a tour of the mansion with a local and knowledgeable investigator familiar with the haunted history of Lemp, and access to our equipment (though we encourage everyone to bring their own cameras, audio recorders, etc.).

3. You will be featured in the Elsinore Productions feature One Night in Lemp. The entire overnight investigation will be shot and made into a movie--and a copy of the finished movie will be included in the price and sent to you upon completion! A perfect souvenir of your trip to the Lemp mansion.

Who can pass all this up? Remember, Lemp Mansion only has 5 rooms, so signing up for the overnight must be done ASAP if you want to make this trip. Contact me directly at info@paranormalincorporated.com for any additional info about this trip, or to sign up for the overnight.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paranormal Inc Trailer Up and Running!

After a Summer and early Fall of investigations, we have our new trailer for the show Paranormal Inc up and running. It's out there--YouTube, MySpace, MyPara, here, and on and on... Though we don't know what network we will end up on, or even the exact format the show will end up in, we are excited! This, coupled with the current production of Ghosts of War, our full length documentary about haunted Civil War sites, has gotten 'spirits' pretty high around here.

So, check out the trailer, leave a comment if you like, and stay tuned for our other upcoming projects. While watching the video, though, pay close attention to three pieces of evidence we included that we captured while investigating. The first is a phantom woman standing under a tree, the second is the fully formed apparition of an Indian (one we caught floating about three feet off the ground!), and the final shot is a ghost light that appeared for a few seconds at Devil's Backbone. Enjoy!

Posted by: Rich Newman Contact Rich at info@paranormalincorporated.com

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talbott Tavern

The legends surrounding the infamous Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky are actually less interesting than the reality there. With a past filled with visitors like Jesse James, Daniel Boone, and Abraham Lincoln it's no surprise that the place has seen it's fair share of years both good and bad and that paranormal activity is associated with the location. In fact, the earliest sign of the place being haunted occurred with Jesse James himself.

While staying at the Talbott Tavern, James thought he saw something or someone entering his room. Without hesitation, he drew his gun and fired at the intruder--he then leaped from his bed and inspected the area only to find there was nobody there! It's a story that James imparted to the tavern's innkeeper at the time and that has stayed with the bar now turned bed-and-breakfast all these years. The bullet holes from James' gun are still present in the room (now called the Jesse James Room).

During our visit to the Talbott Tavern, Mike and I stayed in the General's Quarters--a room that is reputedly a 'hot spot' there (according to local Bardstown investigators--specifically Patti Starr who came through the area with a tour group while we were there). Over the course of the evening there, we had many strange things happen during our investigation--not the least of which, was a great EMF session we had in the Concord Room (a sort of common area used for conferences, etc.) that involved an entity coming forward on demand setting off our EMF alarm and touching us (the spirit actually touched me three times there--twice on the hand and once pressing up against the back of me in a way that felt like I had leaned against a wall).

The audio clip we have included here, though, takes place in the General's Quarters after we had settled in for the night. We actually asked the spirit in the Concord room to come back to the room with us to 'hang out' and this was one of the occurrences that happened there. Mike and I were joking about our EMF alarm going off while we were sleeping when Mike felt a cold blast of air hit his face and neck. After we listed to the audio we were surprised (or maybe not so surprised) to hear that the spirit thought our conversation was funny and laughed at Mike's comment via EVP. The sounds you are hearing in the background are, unfortunately, a television coming from an adjoining room, so ignore that. Here is the script of what you are hearing in the clip:

Rich: If that thing (EMF alarm) starts beeping in the night, is it going to wake you up?
Mike: Oh, hell yeah. You'll probably have to take a double take to find me, dude, 'cuz I'll probably be hanging from the canopy (of his bed). I'll be all tangled up in that damn netting.

-Entity Laughs-
Mike: What the f*@! was that?
Rich: Huh?

Mike: I just had a cool breeze that went across my face...

During the rest of the evening there I was touched again on the foot and we captured audio of drawers in the room opening and closing by themselves. Our investigation also yielded numerous EVPs, including voices, groans, and whispers.

Take a trip to the Talbott Tavern--you won't be disappointed! Visit their website to get more information and to book a room.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cave-In-Rock Investigation

The history of Cave-In-Rock is a checkered one at best. Though it is only a cave perched along the bluffs of the Ohio River, the place has housed a tavern, a casino, and a makeshift hotel/brothel. Travelers shuttling up and down the river would often stop at Wilson's Liquor Vault and House of Entertainment--the name of the place within the cave during the early 1800's-- to get their fill of fun and sin before continuing their journey.

During the years of operation, the tavern was the location of many a man's demise--and to make matters worse, Wilson (the owner) formed a group of robbers that pirated up and down the Ohio River intercepting ships outside his cave of ill repute. Because of this, it wasn't long before respectable folks knew to avoid the monster cave along the river.

Like most tales of this nature, it all ended with betrayal; once a reward was placed on Wilson's head, his own men did him in. When the authorities entered the cave during the aftermath, dozens of bodies were found in one of the chambers. The dark history of the cave continued, though, when yet another criminal named James Ford moved into the area. Of course, he eventually met his death there as well at the hands of vigilantes.

Cave-In-Rock continued to be the haven for many thieves, pirates, and killers over the years and it is this mark upon the ancient place that is the root of the haunting there.

Today, travelers moving up and down the Ohio River have reported the sounds of the old casino and tavern reverberating from the place--even though the place is now a state park and local attraction. It was with this knowledge that we took the Paranormal Inc team to Cave-In-Rock to investigate the haunting there.

At first glance, it would be assumed that the haunting of the cave is probably a 'residual' effect--meaning the sounds of the past have been recorded in the rock there and are simply being replayed for those who are able to hear them. During our investigation, though, this assumption was not made. Audio, video, and photography was utilized at the scene, in addition to the usual slew of equipment wielded by the investigators, in hopes of capturing the sounds of a haunting there.

Though no evidence of the haunting was actually captured by our equipment, at one point during the evening it did sound as if a male voice was heard from the rear of the cave. There was also several unusual EMF spikes captured there--spikes that should not be in a power-less cave. Does this mean Cave-In-Rock is haunted or not haunted? Who knows? Investigate the place for yourself; it is a perfect location for the beginner paranormal group since the cave is in the middle of a state park (and you can camp there) and you can simply walk over to the cave during the night to perform an investigation. Just be careful! We are talking about a cave perched alongside the cliff over a rather large river!

Send us your findings from Cave-In-Rock--we're more than happy to hear/see what all of you are getting out there. Happy investigating!

Posted by: Rich Newman

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bethel Cumberland Cemetery

We first heard of the strange happenings of Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery when the place appeared on WREG-TV's ten most haunted places around Memphis list. It was intriguing for a couple reasons: Besides the usual tales of ghost lights, shadow people, voices, etc., the cemetery has a unique aspect to it...a monster!

Over the years, Bethel Cemetery has been visited by quite a number of paranormal investigation groups--and over the years, there have been many yarns spun about the place. Some true, some more along the lines of urban legend. According to other investigators, the place contains an area inhabited by the remains of long-gone criminals and an area that is dedicated to buried childred. Both places are considered hot-spots by investigators. But it's the third report that makes Bethel stand out: Witnesses in the area of the cemetery (Atoka, Tennessee) have reported a strange creature that appears there. A strange creature with the body of a lion, the head of a dog, a long mane, and red eyes!

Now, when you are working in the dark--and in a cemetery no less--it would be easy to mistake an unusual animal for a 'monster.' In fact, it was our guess that a 'razorback' or wild boar was the probable culprit. Then I read an interesting article about 'portal hauntings' in Troy Taylor's book, Ghost Hunter's Guidebook where he states, "The majority of events that might fit into a 'portal haunting' category seem to come from cemeteries, although no location can be ruled out... Be aware of stories (from cemeteries and other spots) that involve glowing balls of light that are seen with the naked eye, odd creatures, strange shapes, or unexplained images."

Pretty much sums up Bethel Cumberland Cemetery.

After securing permission to investigate the property, Mike Uelsmann and I headed over to the site. We used video, photography, and digital audio recorders to see what we could capture. While the equipment went to work, so did we--and we did have some personal experiences. Most of these seemed to be pale blobs of light bobbing along close to the ground or dark shadows flitting around the perimeter of the area, though we thought we heard a mumbling voice at one point.

We were unable to identify, however, any areas specifically dedicated to criminals or childred. There were quite a few graves from the late 1800's, but since they didn't have a ball and chain emblazoned on the headstone, it was not clear if any of them were criminals. We also did see a few small 'lamb' graves that obviously meant a child had been buried, but these were scattered about the cemetery.

The only outright 'weird' experience we had occurred when a police officer pulled over a local driver in the parking lot just outside the cemetery. While he was dealing with his speeder, we heard a strange sound come from the trees not far from us (and in fact, right beside an audio recorder and camcorder we had positioned). At first, it sounded like a machine ramping up. Then it sort of mutated into a horrible growl. It was startling! Once the officer finished up and left, we searched the area and found nothing there. We could only hope it would be on one of our audio recordings.

After reviewing the evidence we came across only one notable piece of video. It is here for you to watch. It's a 'ghost light' that was caught by our camcorder. If you listen closely, you can actually hear us talking off-camera out of frame (we were, in fact, behind the camera). Nobody else was in the cemetery--and we certainly would have noticed a bright glowing object or flashlight headed towards us. But like most places, it seems activity always wants to occur when you're looking in the other direction! That is, of course, why we use serveillance equipment.

Unfortunately, the weird growl did not make any of the audio, which is very odd considering the close proximity of the recorders and the volume of the event. Chalk it up as a strange happening at a possible 'portal.' Is Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery haunted? Hard to tell. It's worth a second look. I'm not sure I'd call it one of the area's 'most haunted' locations, though. Decide for yourself.

Posted by: Rich Newman
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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Eldred House

It looks like any number of houses along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers--an older, stone house built in a plantation style. Unlike most of the homes of this type, though, the Eldred House (in Eldred, Illinois) is said to still be occupied by any number of the folks who has died within the place in the last couple centuries.

Knowing the history of the place, we leaped at the chance to investigate this location. We had heard a local ghost hunting organization was planning a group trip to the site. We signed on, but once we got there, we pretty much broke off from the rest of the folks there and ran our own investigation using our own equipment and methods.

On this particular investigation Brandon and Mike were along with me (Rich). After getting a set of completely laughable driving instructions to the locale, we were late for the launch of the group investigation--but this turned out to be fine since we were planning on letting them do their own thing without us. The evening started off with a trip through the back yard (where a traveling salesman is said to be buried) and then into the basement.

Unfortunately, the Eldred House is struggling to stay in an upright position (since the tour was planned, part of the residence actually collapsed--even now the folks interested in preserving the location and its history are racing for the necessary funds to renovate and restore the house--check out the history of the place on their website), so many parts of the house could only be approached with extreme caution.

After we hit the basement, we concentrated the investigation on three places: The fenceline in front of the house where Indian remains were found (and the spirit of an Indian is said to roam), the attic of the house (where a girl named 'Alma' is supposed to reside), and the graveyard just down the way where the remains of the Eldred family lie. Many photographs, recordings (audio and video), and readings (digital thermometer and EMF detector) were taken over the course of the evening before camping in the yard for the night.

After a lengthy investigation (and hours of reviewing evidence), I can tell you without hesitation that something very strange is going on at the Eldred House. Though I don't want to spoil the episode of Paranormal Inc that will focus on this location (premiering this fall), I can tell you a few things about the place: We did get photographs (one sequence of an apparition materializing will blow you away) , we did get EVPs, and we did have personal experiences--experiences I will tell you about now.

While in the basement performing some EVP work in what is called the 'Cheese Room' (there's a giant stone slab table in the area that was used to make cheese) Brandon was touched by something or someone by the cheese table. A few moments later, I felt the same thing--it was almost as if something (or someone) was pushing into the back of my arm with a couple fingers with firm pressure. Later, while touring the attic of the house, Mike caught the faint sounds of a small girl laughing in the one of the back corners--this happening literally as our guide was telling us about the girl that supposedly roams the area named Alma.

The Eldred house is a great location--a great location with some great activity! Be sure to catch the Eldred House webisode of Paranormal Inc this fall!

Posted by: Rich Newman

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

National Ornamental Metal Museum-Memphis

With articles posted by a television station (WREG-TV) and the local paper, the Metal Museum in Memphis is considered one of the most haunted locations in the area. In the old days, the site was a military hospital and the grounds included a doctor's residence, a nurse's residence, officers' quarters, and the hospital itself. Today, the nurse's residence is a museum, the doctor's residence is a library for metalurgy, and the officers' quarters are where the apprentice blacksmiths live. The actual hospital is now fenced off and has been abandoned since the late 80's after the National Guard stopped using the location.

The haunted history of the place centers around the doctor's residence and the hospital. Leaving the hospital for another day, we decided to concentrate on the doctor's residence--now the library. The place was built in the late 1800's, but was recently renovated in order to meet building codes and to accommodate the library. The basement of the house used to be a small morgue for the resident doctors to work in and included a tunnel that connected the house to the hospital. During renovations, though, the tunnel was blocked off, the morgue chute was turned into stairs, and the house was overhauled to the tune of over a million dollars. During renovations, though, other things were happening as well...

Workers, supplied by the local prison no less, were terrified of the basement/morgue area and often fled from the area even though they were working during the day. Also, a museum employee was standing on the ground floor of the house surveying the improvements when she noticed a spectral face staring at her through a hole in the ceiling (the upper story's floors were being replaced). It was fueled with all this information, that we conducted our investigation of the doctor's residence.

The team included myself (Rich) and Mike, and we concentrated on the 2nd floor library area (where the spectral face was seen) and the basement (morgue) of the house. During the investigation, we had no personal experiences upstairs, but downstairs was a different story.

Almost immediately, after killing the lights and closing off the basement, I heard a faint 'Hey' come from one of the back rooms, followed by whispers. Soon, Mike also heard a 'Hey' from the same area. We placed a digital recorder in the room at this point. Approximately 30 minutes later, black shapes could be seen blotting out the light around the cracks of the door to the stairwell, followed by more black shapes in the hall and one of the back room. After an hour or so of EVP work, we decided to leave digital recorders running in the basement, along with a video camera, while we toured the rest of the grounds. We concluded the investigation around 2am, leaving the place with over two hours of video footage, about a hundred still photos, and almost six hours of audio.

Upon review of the data, we managed to find quite a few things. There were four clear EVP's that included three direct responses to questions: There was a whispered 'Hi' when I stated, 'This is your chance to talk to us' and there were also two responses made by a series of knocks (one was four knocks, one was three). There was also an EVP that was recorded in the upstairs library of a male voice that could be a 'Hello,' that was actually gotten when there was nobody in the house (we were being given the tour of the grounds at this point). We also got a video clip in the library that includes a second appearance of the male voice--though we can't tell what is being said.

With such great evidence, the Paranormal Inc team will most definitely be going back to the Metal Museum--and to the adjoining hospital that contains an even larger morgue area that is reputedly haunted as well. Until then...

We have attached a video that includes the three EVPs that were responses. The video of the place is simply a reference so you can see the room where the sounds were captured. The first sound you will hear is the 'Hi'--it is quite faint, so you will want to boost your volume after I say 'This is your chance to talk to us.' Then you will hear us talking followed by the two series of weird knocks. Enjoy!

Posted by: Rich Newman
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Friday, May 23, 2008

Devils Backbone Part 2

After getting a lot of general feedback regarding the video clip from Devil's Backbone, I decided to enhance the audio and get a better/louder bit of audio. The new video clip here is the enhanced audio version of the recording from the old ruins. If you listen closely, you will hear the scream, a mumble/moan, then what sounds like a 'No' dragging out. Eerie. Keep in mind, that this is real audio, not an EVP! The reports from DB state that people hear screams from a girl during thunderstorms--not that people have recorded screams. To make things even stranger, it was, indeed, recorded during a thunderstorm that abruptly ended our investigation.

Again, there were no females at the site, in the area, or working on the team. Also, nobody actually heard the sounds live (even though we were less than thirty feet away). There is also a sizable difference in loudness between the audio recorded on the video camera, and the audio recorded on the digital recorder (which are barely 10 feet apart from each other--the digital recorder is actually visible on the video) which makes me believe the sound was extremely localized.

The last thing I'd like to mention is that it was pointed out to me by a Massachusettes paranormal research organization (name withheld) that the 'No' portion of the audio that sounds very cat-like is similar to the 'Hello' recording that the TAPS team recorded at the Stanley Hotel in a crawlspace that had similar qualities. After watching that episode again, I agree. Check out the enhanced audio...

Posted by: Rich Newman

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Devil's Backbone

At first it seemed like a waste of time; the Devil's Backbone, perched alongside the Mississippi River on the outskirts of Grand Tower, Illinois, was on the verge of a thunderstorm. The clouds were rolling in, it had drizzled a bit on the way there, and we were quickly losing daylight. If we did manage to find the place, it didn't look like we were going to get much time there for any kind of real investigation.

Information about the Devil's Backbone was pretty scarce: Most of the info we knew about the place came from Troy Taylor's Prairie Ghosts website (www.prairieghosts.com)--and it was pretty slim. Once we got into Grand Tower, though, finding the place was as easy as following the Devil's Backbone Park/Campsite signs. What?! PG/Troy didn't say anything about any campground! Fortunately, in this respect anyway, the threat of rain worked in our favor and there was only a couple of campers there. The only people we saw were a father and small boy doing some fishing, so we didn't expect any difficulties with people getting curious and interrupting the investigation.

After passing the campground, we followed the levee looking for the only landmark mentioned in the description of the Backbone: A natural gas bridge crossing the Mississippi. We found the bridge, then moved a bit farther North, and we found the remains of the house that is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman.

The story of the haunting there goes like this: A young woman, distraught by the loss of her boyfriend who moved away, died in a state of depression (either because of the loss, or by illness) in the home. Since then, there have been sightings of the girl (in the form of a mist) following the path outside the ruins of the home and the sounds of moans, wails, and screams of the girl in the area--especially during thunderstorms (this is specifically mentioned by Taylor on PG). At least this made the rain work in our favor! There was also a gang of river pirates that had reputedly hijacked and killed many a person at the Backbone as well. All of this added up to a great place to check out (at least on paper anyway).

With our daylight waning, we managed to get to the site and set up a Hi8 camera with nightvision on the ruins to possibly capture any 'mists' or apparitions. We also left a digital recorder at the ruins, and with three investigators present (myself, Mike, and Brandon), we roamed the area with camcorders, digital recorders (for EVP work), and the usual tools of the trade (infrared thermometer, EMF detector, etc.).

We were maybe an hour into the investigation when the storm decided to move in a bit closer. It started sprinkling, and soon, the sprinkling turned into rain. We packed up the gear with barely over an hour's worth of data and made for the car. As we drove home, we went over the details of what we had just covered. None of us had really 'felt' anything haunted about the place; there were no feelings of being watched and we had seen/heard nothing that would indicate any kind of ghostly presence.

Upon review of our data, however, we did manage to find a few things. There was a mysterious, small ball of light that appeared out of nowhere for about two seconds (photo above), then disappeared (and this was right at the ruins). We also had 4-5 EVP's that included a female mumbling, heavy breathing, and a strange female moan (originating from the digital recorder that was left at the ruins). But best of all, we actually captured some audio from the video camera that included a female scream, a moan, then a strange sound that resembled (but was not) a cat!

After analyzing the video (and audio) we were left scratching our heads. None of us had felt any kind of presence at Devil's Backbone but here was clearly some audio of a girl in distress. To make matters even more complicated, none of us had either seen or heard any females at the site or surrounding area (no females were with us and we had seen no females at the small camp--which was a distance away, too). The light at the ruins was a bit odd as well since it did not 'move into view' but simply appeared and then disappeared.

Should we go back to Devil's Backbone? Maybe. More time at the site might give us more data; or maybe we were there at the right time--during a thunderstorm. Either way, it was a great, short trip.

Posted by: Rich Newman

Friday, April 4, 2008

Upcoming Investigations

In preparation of the first season of Paranormal Inc, we have planned several investigations for Spring/Summer. But, first off...

Did you submit your haunting to Ghost Hunters for their ghost hunt contest? Winners get to investigate the Stanley Hotel with Jason, Grant, and crew. They have been hosting seminar/weekend getaways there, too, though they are a bit pricey. At any rate, on to our investigations...

The first show will focus on the ghosts of Little Egypt in Southern Illinois. This means hitting the Devil's Bake Oven, Dug Hill Road, the Devil's Backbone, and hopefully the Hickory Hill home (Crenshaw House) known as a haunted slave mansion and made famous by the 150 people who attempted to stay at the place and failed until it was accomplished by a WSIL-TV reporter. Should be a good one...

The second show features an Arkansas duo: the Crescent Hotel and the White River Monster. The Crescent is known to most as one of the places Ghost Hunters hit and got the thermal image of what appears to be a Civil War soldier standing in front of a locker (remember the glowing number two on his sleeve?). The White River Monster will be the first crypto investigation for the show and focuses on a lake creature in the Arkansas White River.

Show #3 features a trip the Paranormal Incorporated team will be making with Prairie Ghosts founder Troy Taylor to the haunted Eldred House just outside St. Louis in Illinois. We are in the process of setting up a second investigation there in St. Louis (maybe the Lemp mansion?), but we will see...

We also have investigations planned for Tennessee, Mississippi, and the Myrtles plantation in Louisiana for later in the Summer, though the details have not been hashed out as of yet. If you have a suggestion for an investigation (especially for Ufology since those have to be spur of the moment) contact us at info@paranormalincorporated.com with the details.

Stay tuned!

Posted by: Rich Newman, Paranormal Inc.