Friday, November 30, 2007

We're Here...

Paranormal Incorporated is the new series created by producers Rich Newman and Mike Uelsmann of Elsinore Productions ( We are currently in development for this program (which means lots and lots of case gathering!) and are taking suggestions for investigations from you!

Unlike the popular programs Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted, the Paranormal, Inc. team investigates cases that involve ufology, cryptozoology, and simply the unexplained, in addition to hauntings. There are a few key things to keep in mind, though, before contacting us:

1. The case must be current! It does no good to investigate locations where you experienced something as a child. Historic locations are fine--if there's still activity there.

2. Ufology cases must be ongoing. It's what researchers call a 'hot spot,' meaning that multiple sightings in a recent timeframe have been happening there. Again, a one-shot sighting of a ufo does no good to us as researchers (excepting of course if there was a landing of any kind and physical evidence was left behind).

3. While anonymity will be respected, expect to be interviewed. We can change names, we can blur faces/photos, but we will not investigate a case with a blind suggestion! We must know who you are. A lot of time and money can go into an investigation, and these will not be invested without a solid basis for doing so.

4. Do not contact us with orbs. Much like other teams in the field, our official stance is that 99% of all orbs can be explained as dust, lens flare, or debris in the air. However, do not confuse orbs with ghost lights; this phenomena (such as the famous Marfa Lights or the Hornet Spook Light) is something altogether different, and is doable.

5. Prepare to be investigated! This seems like a no-brainer, but it isn't. If you're going to report it and you want it investigated, be aware that an actual team made up of people and equipment will be coming to the site. If you don't want to be intruded upon, or do not want it researched, do not report it! Once the site is up and running full-speed, we will have forums for people to trade war stories, and you are more than welcome to talk about your past experiences there.

Paranormal, Inc. will be shooting for the remainder of this year and the first three months of 2008 in an effort to obtain network backing. If you have a case, and you believe it adheres to the five guidelines listed above, contact us at with the following information:

Who witnessed the event and who was affected?
What happened during the event? Explain in as much detail as possible.
Where did the event happen? Be specific.
When did the event take place? If it is an ongoing event, state that and list instances.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Paranormal, Inc. Team