Monday, April 27, 2015

The Old Spooky Bridge

With Rich working on a new book -- The Old Spooky Bridge -- we thought we would reach out to the community for YOUR stories about haunted bridges.  Have you investigated a haunted bridge--or just know a really good tale about one?  Let us know about it!  And while we have your attention...

It's time for some new investigations!  We are actively seeking new locations, as well as other regional paranormal teams, to feature on our site.  If your team has a good location to investigate, give us a shout.  We'll partner up and make a good time of it.  Reach us directly at and we will get back to you ASAP. 

It's been a slow last year for us (paranormally speaking), but this will be changing in 2015 so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Magnolia Manor 2014

With Halloween coming again fast, it seems only right that Paranormal Inc will be hosting tours at the best haunted bed and breakfast in Tennessee again!  This year, we will be hosting the tours on Friday, October 17 and Saturday, November 1.  Visit the website for Magnolia Manor to reserve your spot on any of the dates listed for tours this year.  But be warned:  tickets/reservations go fast!

In the meantime, check out the Magnolia Manor episode of Ghosts of War--it'll warm you up for your haunted tour!  And stay tuned--Paranormal Inc is back at it again with investigations, overnights, and new articles coming your way very soon!

GOW Episode 2: Magnolia Manor from Rich Newman on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halloween Season 2013

In addition to planning our fall/winter of the usual ghost hunting trips, we have a lot to be excited for in Paranormal Inc!

Ghost Tours!  We will be hosting several ghost tours at a couple wonderful, haunted locations this year.  We will be at Magnolia Manor on Friday, October 18 and November 1st--and we will be the hosts of this year's Haunted Happenings event at the Woodruff Fontaine House on Friday, October 25!  Both properties have their own unique stories, architecture, and type of entertainment, so we hope to see you at both!  Tickets to the Magnolia Manor tours need to be purchased in advance on their website.

More Ghosts of War!  With three of the six episodes now available to stream for free on the official Ghosts of War Vimeo channel, three more will be hitting over the Halloween season:  Octagon Hall in Franklin, Kentucky, the Minton House in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and the Deason House in Ellisville, Mississippi.  All three will feature evidence gathered during our investigation, as well as interviews with folks at the actual sites.

More Paranormal Inc Podcast!  Our fourth and fifth podcasts will be hitting VERY soon--and you will notice that the production value of the podcast will increase significantly with the 6th episode.  We decided to try out five episodes to see if it was 'working,' and we are happy to say it is!  So all episodes after the fifth will be recorded with better quality and produced with more music, bumps, etc.  Listen to our podcasts right here (link is in the sidebar) or download them through iTunes.

The Ouija Experiment!  Yep, another Paranormal Inc movie!  It's in the works and we are lining out the details now.  The film will feature all new locations and will test the idea that Ouija boards cause crazy things to happen in haunted places.  So be prepared to have some fun watching this one!

There are also a couple more surprises in store for the Fall, but we will wait until we are a little bit closer to Halloween to reveal those.  In the meantime, we hope to see you at the tours and keep watching and listening!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Devil in the Delta Case

With the release of the new book comes the evidence from the case!  Devil in the Delta is the story of one ghost hunter on one uniquely strange paranormal case.  It IS NOT the typical scary ghost story!

Unlike books on the paranormal that exaggerate events in order to make them seem more frightening, I have taken great pains to depict the real circumstances surrounding my investigation of this case.  And rather than being a thinly disguised horror novel, Devil in the Delta is more a cautionary tale for would-be ghost hunters.

The names of individuals involved with this investigation (other than me) are changed in the book--but you will be able to hear some of them here within these audio files.  During my trips into Mississippi, I gathered over fifty EVP's that include at least three ghostly voices.  I also captured one odd photo that was (most likely) debunked--but I have included it here for posterity (and for those who have read the book and just want to see what I'm talking about).

For those who have read the book and want to hear some of the evidence, THANK YOU for buying Devil in the Delta!  I hope you will read my other two books about hauntings, too (The Ghost Hunter's Field Guide and Ghost Hunting for Beginners).  If you are reading this article and are interested in knowing more about the case and the investigation, I encourage you to pick up the book.
Debunked Photo of Face by the Tree

So, without further ado, here is the photo and a sampling of the EVP's I captured during my investigations at the Martin home.  For maximum enjoyment, listen to the clips with headphones in a quiet room:

EVP 1:  In this clip you will hear a female investigator speak, followed by a young girl.  There was no young girl present during the investigation.

EVP 2:  You will hear investigators speaking, then right after a male investigator you will hear the young girl's voice again.

EVP 3:  This is the infamous rumble in the trailer.  You will hear me say, "How long have you been here in this house?"  This is followed by a rumble that shakes the trailer.  You will then hear me say, "What was that?"

EVP 4:  This is a strange EVP of a voice whispering and scratching, then there's a cough from the next room (an investigator), followed by a series of fast raps.

EVP 5:  The next two clips were recorded while the house was empty.  In this one there is a male moan and knock.

EVP 6:  The house is still empty, but the recorder records some odd movement in one room, followed by a heavy bang.

EVP 7:  The next two EVP's were captured while investigating.  You can hear investigators speak from an adjacent room, but in the room with the recorder (which is empty) there is an odd voice whispering.

EVP 8:  This was recorded a few seconds after EVP 7.  It is the whispering voice again.

EVP 9:  This EVP was recorded in the empty trailer.  You will hear yet another voice whispering.  It sounds very close to the recorder.

EVP 10:  In this clip you will hear a female investigator say she "needs batteries."  Right after this, there is the clear sounds of a young girl humming.  Once again, there were no young girls in the house.

EVP 11:  This EVP is right after two female investigators say, "Lets go."  You will hear a male voice whisper, "Look out!"  Then I say something.  The "look out" is the EVP.

EVP 12:  Here you will hear a clear voice whisper "I know it."

EVP 13:  In this clip you will hear one of the clients talking about the case with investigators.  In the middle of the conversation, you will hear a ghostly voice say the word "kinfolk."

EVP 14:  This clip was captured a few minutes after EVP 13.  You will hear the client mention her grandfather; when she does, the clear sounds of a male crying out can be heard.  That is the EVP.

EVP 15:  During my last visit, the trailer was missing windows.  So in this clip you will hear a loud cadence of crickets and an odd voice speaking from within the empty trailer.

EVP 16:  The crickets are heard here again--but this time there is the sounds of a male moaning.  The house is empty during this recording, too.

EVP 17:  You will hear a female investigator ask, "Can you see the lights from where you're at?"  She is answered by a ghostly 'uh huh' that is said twice.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Paranormal Inc Podcast Hits iTunes

The wait is over! The first episode of the Paranormal Inc Podcast (PIP) is now available on iTunes. For those who do not do the whole i-thing, you can also listen to the podcast and download it (using the RSS feed) on the podcast website. The first episode runs about 70 minutes and focuses on the infamous Amityville Horror case. If you have comments about the podcast, suggestions for future episodes, etc., contact us at!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Online Series -- Upcoming Podcast

With the new year comes new projects for Paranormal Inc!  In addition to us having new locations for our open investigations this year (in Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri), we have four HUGE new announcements:

Ghosts of War is live!  Our documentary, now turned into an online series, kicked off February 28 on our official Vimeo channel.  The episode features the haunted Eldred House in Eldred, Illinois.  You can learn more about the Eldred House on their website.  In the coming months, seven more episodes of Ghosts of War will be hitting the channel (one per month)--including episodes that feature Magnolia Manor, the Deason House, Octagon Hall, the Minton House, Harney Mansion, and several Civil War battlefields that are known for their hauntings.  Follow our channel on Vimeo and be sure to add us on Facebook to get advance notice of Paranormal Inc events.

Our second piece of news involves our upcoming Paranormal Inc Podcast (PIP).  Hosted by Podbean, our new podcast show will focus on investigation techniques, controversial cases, and even the portrayal of the paranormal by mainstream media.  The first episode of the show will be released at the end of March, along with the second episode of Ghosts of War.  The podcast will be available on our website, on Podbean, and will be available for download on iTunes.

The next announcement involves Rich's new book Devil in the Delta.  The book will be released on May 8 and will be available nationwide in book sellers, as well as online.  You can even pre-order the book on Amazon at this link.  The book features the investigation of one of the strangest cases Rich has ever been involved with--and is sure to entertain!

Lastly, we want to announce that Paranormal Inc will be shooting a second documentary over the year that focuses on the ever-controversial Ouija board.  In addition to exposing ridiculous superstitions involving the device and discussing the board's history, the Paranormal Inc team will be putting the 'magic powers' of the game to the test:  we will be taking five different Ouija boards to five different haunted locations with five different teams to see if the board actually instigates paranormal activity.  Should prove to be an exciting experiment--and hopefully an even better movie!

As always, stay tuned to this website and our Facebook page for more P.I. news and info--and always feel free to send us suggestions, questions, etc. via our email address.  Cheers!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Case Files: Dauphine Orleans Hotel

Situated on a site that dates back to 1775, the historic Dauphine Orleans Hotel is located in the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans.  It's known as a premier stop for visitors to the Crescent City--and as a pilgrimage to those who like to stay in well known haunted places!

The current structure that is the hotel dates back to the city's first Spanish and French settlers and houses 111 rooms total (including the Herman House located across the street from the main hotel), a lounge/restaurant called May Baily's Place, and a massive courtyard with a pool.  It's thought that the handmade nails that line some of the original walls in the building came from the local Jean Lafitte Blacksmith Shop when Lafitte was known more for being a pirate than a blacksmith.

In addition to this great, traditional history, the hotel also has quite a few ghost stories associated with it as well.  In the late 1890's, May Baily's was known as one of the best brothels in Storyville (the original name of New Orleans)--and it was visited by a fair share of locals and travellers to the area.  And with the 'ladies of the night' also came those who like to drink, gamble, and cause trouble.

Since those days--and certainly after the hotel opened its doors in 1969--patrons have seen the spirit of a soldier (thought by some to be a Creole who may have patronized the brothel) in the courtyard area of the hotel and the ghost of a young lady has been witnessed throughout the property (though most often in the courtyard and surrounding rooms).  It was the tales of these two ghosts that were told to us when we arrived at the hotel.  And once we were finished hearing first-hand the activity that takes place there, and was checked into our room, the fun began...

Armed with our usual bag of investigative tools--and stationed in a cottage room alongside the courtyard area--we roamed the area attempting to capture anything paranormal or untoward with our audio and video recorders.

While outside in the courtyard we noticed that there are a lot of strange shadows that seem to be a result of erratic lighting--and there are areas that aren't lit at all.  These dark spaces seemed to play tricks on our eyes a bit; shadows of bushes in the wind, etc. were often mistaken for 'shadow shapes' moving about.  But nothing was seen of the soldier or woman.  Of course we know that spirits don't always show up when you want them too, so this came as no surprise.


While we were outside, however, the audio recorder in our room was capturing quite a lot of interesting sounds.  Before leaving to the courtyard, I had placed an audio recorder with a cell-sensor EMF detector in the room.  This particular detector makes a beeping sound when it detects any EMF's in the area--and this would show up on our audio recorder.  Almost immediately after leaving the room, things started happening there.

First there were the sounds of tapping, knocks, and bangs.  Then the EMF detector started going off now and then (the spirit was seemingly getting the energy to do more over time).  And finally, the knocks and EMF beeps were accompanied by a female voice.  No wonder we didn't see the female spirit in the courtyard:  she was in our empty room apparently!
Exterior of our Room

The Dauphine Orleans makes for a perfect haunted getaway; the rooms are spacious and lush, the onsite bar is a great hangout (and close to the room), and the haunting there is just enough to excite without frightening anyone.  I highly recommend visiting for a fun weekend.  Find out more about the Dauphine Orleans (and book your stay) at their official website.

The EVP's/Audio:

As with all EVP's that you listen to on this site, remember to listen in a quiet room with a good set of earphones or you may not hear all the sounds.  EVP's are typically recorded at a very low volume and at a hard-to-hear frequency, so turn up the volume, too!  Here we go...

Clip 1:  This is an example of the bangs and knocks that were heard when the EMF detector first started going off in the room.

Clip 2:  The activity is starting to ramp up; in this clip you will hear the EMF detector go off and what sounds like a voice maybe starting to speak or yell, etc.

Clip 3:  Activity is in full swing now.  You will hear a female voice say something, then a bang, then the female voice again.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Case Files: Allen House

Dating back to the early 1900's, the Allen House in Monticello, Arkansas is a local, treasured landmark--and to ghost and haunting enthusiasts all over the world, the Allen House is a place of legend.

Since the home was once posted as being the most haunted place in the country, it has been investigated many times by reputable paranormal groups and evidence that supports the haunting there has been gotten in spades.

Back on January 28th of this year (2012), Paranormal Inc honored the 68th anniversary of the funeral of Allen Bonner (one of the persons who are thought to haunt the home) with author and current owner of the home, Mark Spencer, by hosting a tour and ghost hunting class that was open to the public.  Over the course of that evening, attendees had several personal experiences and we were lucky enough to also collect a few EVP's during our visit as well.

Personal Experiences

1.  Several times over the course of the evening, attendees managed to get knocks/bangs in answer to questions posed while working in the attic of the home.  In particular, whenever the spirit of "Joe Lee" was addressed, the responses seemed to come readily and with some force.  Many of these were captured by an audio recorder, some are posted below.

2.  At one point in the attic, a shadowy black mass was seen moving through the area and was even dense enough to block out a patch of light coming in through an open door.

3.  Though this is standard for most investigations of truly haunted places, its worth noting:  throughout the investigation many people experienced brand new batteries being sucked dry.  It all climaxed with a laptop computer going dead during a Singapore Theory experiment in the downstairs parlor.

4.  During an EVP session in the attic, several attendees actually heard a disembodied voice speak in response to a question.  This was captured by an audio recorder and is posted below.

The Evidence

After the open investigation and ghost hunting class was concluded at the Allen House, the Paranormal Inc team returned to Memphis to review the numerous hours of audio and video footage that was collected--as well as to analyze approximately 300 photographs that were taken over the course of the evening.  And while nothing untoward was found in the photos or video, we did manage to find a few interesting EVP's and audio clips.

Remember, like all EVP's gathered at investigations, these need to be listened to in a quiet environment with good headphones.  Ghostly voices are usually faint and difficult to hear because of their low volume and frequency:

1.  EVP 1:  This is an EVP captured in the dining room of the Allen House.  We were setting up and the guests were just beginning to arrive.  If you listen closely behind us talking, you can hear a female voice say "Huh?" as we were talking about our strategy for the evening.

2.  EVP 2:  This EVP was captured in the attic of the house.  The area was empty at the time as it was prior to the event, but you can clearly hear a female voice saying a few words.

3.  EVP 3:  Not long after capturing EVP 2 in the attic, the female voice is recorded again.  Only this time she sounds like she is humming a tune.

4.  EVP 4:  During an EVP session in the attic, an attendee asked, "Y'all do some dancing up here?"  There is an audible, male response that the attendee hears.  This is a disembodied voice, not an EVP.

5.  EVP 5:  An attendee in the attic remarks, "I like your mustache."  She is answered with a loud tap that everyone hears.

6.  EVP 6:  During an EVP session an attendee says, "Knock again.  I heard you."  There are a couple sets of knocks in response that everyone hears.

7.  EVP 7:  A member of Paranormal Inc asks Joe Lee to knock and he does!  Everyone in the room heard this in real time.


The Allen House is a wonderful home with a unique and wonderful haunting.  I highly recommend visiting and taking a tour when they are offered.  For more information visit the official website of the house and read Mark's detailed book A Haunted Love Story to get a lot more background information about the history of the place, as well as hear about the ghosts who are thought to reside there.

We hope to return to the Allen House in the near future for some additional ghost hunting events, so stay tuned!